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Little Girl Jumps Onstage With Luke Bryan Unleashing Dance Moves That Steal The Show

Luke Bryan is one of the most well-known country music singer and songwriters of all time.

Whenever a conversation about American country music comes up, Luke’s name pretty much always gets dropped, and for good reason…

Not only are his vocals and lyrics incredibly strong, but he also has a pretty amazing personality as well.

Luke is a man of class and the way he treats others so kindly is a big part of why people love him so much.

That’s why when he invited one of his biggest little fans up on stage to perform with him, no one was surprised.

Luke is just that kind of guy. The video of their joint performance was later posted online and honestly is something you just have to see for yourself. It is so adorable!

The singer was right in the middle of singing one of his most famous songs, “Like You Say You Do”, when he noticed a young fan no older than four or five years old being held up in the air by her dad and dancing to the beat. The girl was loving it and Luke instantly took notice.

He reached out to her, grabbed her by the hand, and in one fell swoop lifted her right up onto the stage.

The little cowgirl was so excited! She started bouncing around the stage and dancing with Luke and the crowd went totally wild. It is both hilarious and heartwarming to watch.

Then, surprising everyone, Luke did something even cooler. He asked the little girl to help him sing!

He got down on his knees so they were both at the same level and he shared the mic with her.

The cute toddler knew every word and belted out the lyrics like a complete pro. It was a great team effort and it made the performance so special.

Together they were quite the duo and we are sure that little girl is going to remember that moment for the rest of her life.

People online loved the video so much so it has gone on to rack up over seven million views and thousands of comments!

Luke’s small act of kindness towards the little girl was so simple, yet it was something that warmed everyone’s hearts.

The great thing about country music is the way it brings people together. When you go to a country show, you know it is going to be filled with positive vibes and great energy.

She sings great for a girl of her age too!

When it comes down to it, at a country show, everyone is just out to let their hair down a bit, have a good time, and dance to some awesome music —just like the little cowgirl.

It’s about having fun and judging by this video, no country artist understands that better the Luke Bryan! Our hats go off to this awesome man.

Watch the whole video of Luke Bryan and his adorable little singing partner below.

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