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Little girl learns sign language for deaf delivery driver

Lockdown has been a long, lonely, and often boring time, especially for children.

But for one little girl, it was the perfect chance to make friends with her delivery driver.

Eight-year-old Tallulah, from Ashton-Under-Lyne, in Greater Manchester, struck up a heart-warming friendship with Hermes delivery driver Tim, who is deaf.

Wanting to communicate with Tim, Tallulah decided to learn sign language- and soon the pair could have a full conversation!

At the beginning of the first lockdown, Tallulah drew Tim a rainbow with the words ‘thank you’ to show her appreciation for all the work he was doing.

Tim loved the picture, which he hung proudly in his van- and ever since that day, the pair have been friends.

When Tallulah learned that Tim was deaf, she decided straight away that she was going to learn some sign language in order to better communicate with him.

Over time with Tim’s help, Tallulah learned how to sign whole sentences- and one of these sweet moments was caught on camera by Tallulah’s mom, Amy Roberts.

In the sweet video, Tallulah can be seen greeting Tim at her door and signing: ‘Have a good day’.

Tim is clearly overjoyed that Tallulah is able to communicate with him, and in response, he teaches her to sign: ‘good morning, have a good day’.

Amy shared the video onto Twitter along with the caption:

“This is our Hermes delivery man, we see him 1 or 2 times a week, start of lockdown Tallulah drew him a #thankyou.

He still has it proudly on show in his van, they have built up quite a friendship over these last few weeks #proudmum.’ ‘A friendship built in lockdown in a world where you can be anything #BeKind.”

The video immediately went viral, and now has over 28 million views, as well as over 56 thousand likes.

Back when the Tweet was first posted, Hermes even got in touch with Amy to find out who Tim was, since they wanted to give him some much-deserved praise.

Tallulah’s friendship means a lot to Tim, and he especially loves the fact that she made the effort to learn sign language for him.

“Tallulah realized I was deaf and then one day she surprised me when she signed to me, ”have a good day”, I think she must have learned sign language at school,” Tim told the BBC. “I was vey happy, and I then showed Tallulah how to sign, ”good morning, have a good day” and then she signed it perfectly and it absolutely made my day.”

He added: “I hope more people learn to sign and we bring more people together.”

It would be brilliant if Tallulah started a movement of children learning sign language all over the world! Scroll down to watch Tim’s interview below.

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