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Little girl melts hearts in a puddle meeting newborn baby brother

This little lady finally understands what it means to love someone smaller and weaker than her.

And she realizes now that she will protect the little guy for decades to come. She’s officially a big sister!

This is the moment this young lady finally got to meet her baby brother and it is too sweet to watch.

Make sure you’ve got tissue with you if you have a tendency to cry during adorable moments.

Now before we get into that, let’s take a moment to appreciate mothers.

It is arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world. If not the hardest.

To carry a child in you for nine months while having to be extra conscious about her health and the baby’s, plus the labor and the raising of the child?

Look at mom’s face here. It’s all worth it. Go hug your mom and tell her you love her. Go on!

Back to regular programming.

Big sister comes out behind the curtain with a very excited look on her face.

The anticipation of finally seeing her baby brother must have been unbearable for this little lady!

She stops in shock, covering her mouth with both hands but big sister cannot hide the obvious joy on her pretty face.

A viewer named Ronald commented,

“Maaan i cried.. 😢😢 that’s love right there bless ur heart big sissy ❤❤”

It’s hard not to. She’s been waiting for nine months.

In fact, big sister couldn’t help herself, squealing and nearly crying the whole time that mom had to keep shushing her.

Can’t really blame her though. Not to mention that it’s beyond adorable.

Even the nurse had to smile at this endearing moment.

The little girl walks over to mom’s side, tears of joy bursting from her eyes and her beautiful heart as she looks over and gives her newly born baby brother a kiss.

A kiss that signifies and seals her undying love for him.

Another viewer said,

“I am excited to see both of them 8-12 years later.”

They’ll be best friends. That’s for sure.

Having siblings is also beneficial for one’s overall health.

Brothers and sisters will drive you bonkers a lot of times.

But that’s all part of it. It teaches a kid to share, get along, and forgive. Siblings will also be shoulders to cry on.

They act as a support system. That means less loneliness, fear, and guilt. That translates to better mental and emotional health.

There will be an endless amount of inner jokes and secrets. Because mom and dad don’t need to know everything.

Baby brother here will have someone to confide in. He can run to his big sister if those mean kids in school pick on him.

When mom and dad are away, he’s got her to run to for food and milk.

And when he’s older and has girl troubles? Big sister’s got that too.

For now, he sleeps in mom’s arms, oblivious to what’s happening. He doesn’t know that his big sister is watching him with a very happy heart.

He doesn’t know that he’s on YouTube and that this first meeting has made the rounds on social media. He will someday.

First meetings make an impression. Watch the sweet moment below!

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