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Little girl melts internet’s heart singing lullaby to puppy

It’s not surprising that some of us pet owners like to spoil our four-legged friends.

After all, they’re so sweet, loving, and loyal that they’re like our babies (well, furbabies!).

But let’s face it, dogs that grow up around children are oftentimes the most spoiled ones out there.

With human siblings – there’s more yummy food to find, always someone to run around with, and lots and lots of cuddling time.

The world is full of lucky pets, that’s for sure, but perhaps the dog in the video below is among the luckiest.

Her human sister has stolen the internet’s heart with how she treats the pup.

Four-year-old Marleigh loves her adorable pooch Fiona and shows her in the sweetest way.

The little girl’s mom, Paige Jolley Bumgarner, hit record on her phone one day to record the duo together.

Marleigh’s holding onto the boxer who’s fast asleep in her arms. On top of rocking Fiona gently back and forth, she’s also softly humming a tune.

All the dog needs really is a snuggly blanket and it’d be pure heaven (but this is close enough).

Moments into the video, Marleigh begins singing a hymn to her dog.

She croons the lyrics:

“Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak, but he is strong”

Fiona doesn’t budge an inch while the angelic girl sings, and the whole scene is simply beautiful.

From the outside, it’s easy to see that Marleigh is a patient, loving pet owner.

But another thing that’s adorable is that even she knows it too.

At one point the girl says to her mom:

“I’m a good sister, mama.”

Paige responds to her daughter with a very true statement. She says:

“You’re the best.”

It’s not very surprising that Fiona stays asleep, even with Marleigh’s soft talking.

The situation seems very similar to a baby being rocked to sleep and comforted by its mother’s soothing voice.

At one point though, the tiny girl lets out a couple of big sneezes. “Bless you!”

Unfortunately, the sneezes wake Fiona and she sleepily pops her head up.

Looks like Marleigh’s going to have to start all over again! But with how cute and precious it all is, it’s not really a bad thing, is it?

Marleigh starts singing “Jesus Loves Me” once again and in a flash Fiona hides her head again and is back to sleep. Seriously, this girl is good.

Fortunately for us, Paige shared the touching video on Facebook. She added the caption “This is why this dog is so spoiled.”

It quickly went viral and in about a month has incredibly racked up over 600,000 shares. Thousands of comments have been left as well. One woman wrote:

“This is so precious children can be taught to be good to fur babies although I think it came very natural with this little girl it definitely shows her parents have showered her with kindness and love❤️”

Someone else commented:

“Oh how adorable is that just like a little mommy”

While Paige has been very appreciative of all the warm comments about their good parenting, she also knows she’s not perfect.

In a separate Facebook post she explained:

“While I am so grateful for these kind messages, the truth is I fail everyday. I fail the Lord and I fail Marleigh.

I don’t feel worthy of all these sweet comments but I do know we have taught Marleigh we love everyone just like Jesus does.

I hope she continues to show Jesus’ love the rest of her life. ❤️❤️ Thank you all again for all your sweet messages and comments!”

You can watch the viral video for yourself below. It’s just so heartwarming!

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