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Little girl sings Queen megahit giving crowd performance they won’t forget

It’s not easy to take center stage in front of a large crowd, let alone one made up of thousands of people.

But a young Bulgarian girl named Polly Ivanova was invited to perform “We Will Rock You” for sports fans at an all-star football match awhile back.

Let’s just say she completely rocked it.

The video below was filmed inside a sports stadium, which is filled with a sea of people ready to cheer on their favorite team.

But little did they know they were about to witness a musical performance so spectacular, it’s gathered millions of views on YouTube.

It begins with drummers beating the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” on their instruments, prompting fans to clap along in their seats. The energy is high from the start.

Get ready for Polly…

As we know, there are individuals in this world who seem like they were made for the spotlight.

There’s no doubt that Polly is one of them.

She begins belting out the song’s lyrics while confidently taking her place in the middle of the field.

Despite still being a kid, she walks out in front of the crowd looking like a superstar.

Polly is the main vocalist with the drumming troupe as her “band.”

During the performance of “We Will Rock You,” she tries to energize the sports fans by screaming out and waving her arms.

Amazingly, it’s as if she’s in control of the entire stadium.

A lot of people have been blown away by her courage and showmanship, not to mention her singing abilities. One viewer wrote:

“Her voice is amazing! I’m completely intrigued! Way to go young lady!”

Polly shares her beautiful voice with others through her YouTube channel that has over 99K subscribers.

On it, she has videos where she’s covered songs from popular artists like Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Alicia Keys.

There’s also a video of when she auditioned on Bulgaria’s Got Talent at just eight-years-old!

Whether or not you’re a Queen fan, prepare for chills watching Polly bring down the house.

The other musicians appear to be having a blast and seem impressed by the youngster.

Perhaps it would have even impressed the late legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury, too!

“We Will Rock You” is a song that’s commonly played at American sporting events because of its ability to hype up the audience.

Yet, the British rock band never exactly pictured those types of events.

It was created with the vision that people could join in during their musical performances – chanting, stomping, and clapping along.

In an interview with Billboard, drummer Roger Taylor explained:

“It only has one instrument apart from the voice: There’s no bass, no real drums — just feet and handclaps and only that guitar at the very end.

It’s quite an odd song. It was designed as a sort of song for the audience, a joining-in song.

But we never really envisioned that it would be taken up by sports.”

What would “We Will Rock You” be without the incredible guitar solo?

The video does not disappoint. An electric guitarist jumps into the middle of the drum circle and joins Polly, making the stadium rock harder than it already was.

It’s an amazing ending to an electrifying performance at the all-star football match.

Ready to stomp and clap along? You can watch Polly completely nail “We Will Rock You” in the video below!

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