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Little Girl Sneaks Prince Harry’s Popcorn. His Snappy Comeback Has Internet In Laughter

Toddlers love a salty snack – and munching on that snack can happen in a variety of ways! From Mom packing it in a container for you, to sneaking it straight from the hands of British royalty. It doesn’t matter!

Well, that’s exactly what this brave toddler tried to do while sitting next to Prince Harry during a sporting event. The Prince’s response is now going viral and it’s easy to understand why!


It all started when the Prince sat next to the adorable little girl. He and the girl exchanged smiles and Harry went on with his conversation with the friend sitting next to him.

As they chatted along, the little girl noticed that Prince Harry was holding something delicious in his hands: a big bucket of buttery, salty popcorn. The moment Harry looked away, she slid her hand into the bucket and pulled out a fistful of the salty snack!


The adorable little toddler munched away happily until Prince Harry finally noticed what happened just under his nose. Thankfully, Prince Harry wasn’t upset and gave the girl a big smile!

He understands that everyone loves popcorn and he couldn’t blame her for her sneaky actions! The mom was thoroughly embarrassed but relieved when the Prince was so understanding!


In fact, Prince Harry and the little girl’s dad ended up chatting after the popcorn theft. They all seemed to share a good laugh about it.

It seems as though Prince Harry has grown up to be a fine young man and he’ll make an excellent father one day. I’m sure he gets plenty of chances to interacting with cute kids thanks to his own precious niece and nephew.


Take a peek at this silly interaction in the video below. She’s just too darn cute!

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