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Little Girls Start Dancing, But It’s The Tiny One In The Pink Tutu That Has Internet In Laughter

There are two types of people in the world. Those who are fine going with the flow and those who march to the beat of their own drum.

It’s very clear that this little one falls into the second category! Instead of following the dance moves her ballet instructor demonstrates, she decides to do her own thing.

She was ready to bust a move and didn’t care who saw! Thank goodness Mom had the camera running the entire time!

According to Parenting Magazine, toddlers love to dance for several important reasons.

Maureen O’Brien, Ph.D., explained that toddlers from 12 to 14 months finally have a decent hold on their own body movements and are excited to test things out.

Being able to swing along with the rhythm is a great way to demonstrate their coordination and the controlled movements may even be a way for them to show off a tad.

While not all music may be to their liking, most toddlers have a favorite song or genre. That’s exactly what this adorable little lady has and she loves to share her dance moves during ballet class.

The moment the rest of the girls start to practice their highly refined moves, this little one breaks out into her own special routine!

She has a strong personality and an uninhibited nature that won’t be stifled for anything or anyone!

This little dancing machine is the cutest thing! Her expressions are absolutely hilarious!

She does a great plie while the girls are in first position. Then she does a jammin’ hip hop move while the girls are still engaged in ballet.

During the shoulder rolls, she can’t help but break it on down. This cutie definitely marches to the beat of her own drum!

Take a peek at this girl’s silly dance moves for yourself in the video below. We hope that her goofy personality shines through even as an adult!

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