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Little sister melts 6.2M hearts waiting for sister to get off bus

Children are so pure. So full of love.

Their antics can drive a parent crazy but when they pull off moments like these, the whole world stops and even the sun smiles down on them. Kids are so precious.

Misty Christensen was able to record one such moment. Her two year old waits for her big sister to get home from school everyday.

She waits for the bus.

Orange shirt, ponytail, and short legs. The adorable toddler stands waiting as the bus pulls over.

The moment the door opens and she sees her big sister, she raises her little arms in excitement.

The toddler squeals and runs over to her sister.

And her big sister hops off the bus, running towards her younger sibling with open arms.

Such a sweet embrace!

How many of you have someone that waits faithfully for you daily? Consider yourself lucky.

Whether it’s a loved one, a child, or a pet, cherish it. Not a lot of people have that.

They’re just kids but already have the closest bond. And it’s a wonderful thing to have.

Siblings are the first friends anyone will have. From siblings, people learn to confide, share, cry, laugh, and forgive.

And as adorable as this little two year old is, big sister Elena must be a great older sibling for her to be waiting everyday.

Elena knows Juliana does this everyday and yet she still goes for a hug.

This also means that mom does a great job raising her two daughters.

And as any mom knows, raising a kid is no walk in the park. Having two or more?

Juliana sees her older sister as her best friend, playmate, and protector.

And it looks like Elena loves her big sister role. This sibling gig has a lifetime contract.

No one is ever prepared for it but it’s awesome having brothers and sisters.

It goes both ways. Siblings can either teach each other skills that they can use in life.

Or end up having a dysfunctional relationship that can cause division in families. Hello, parents.

Elena and Juliana will be just fine.

They’ll share secrets and learn the joys of music and womanhood.

Sure, Misty will be there to guide them but siblings always, always have their own secrets. Secrets mom and dad cannot and will not ever know about.

And if Elena and Juliana share a room, then it’s automatic that they will learn to confide in each other.

That’s going to be a bond that will last them a lifetime and beyond.

Not even boyfriends and husbands can break these two apart.

And when both girls outgrow the school bus and end up driving cars, chances are Juliana will still be waiting for Elena when she arrives. Probably the other way around too.

Siblings are the first test of a kid when socializing and dealing with someone near their age.

Buttons are pushed, fights are made and resolved, and people skills are unlocked and developed.

Elena and Juliana will grow up to be amazing women.

Two sisters who have more than 6.2 million views just for this little moment surely have more for everyone.

Watch out for more sister moments!

Just look at this adorable toddler waiting! Watch it below!

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