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Lone Officer Begins Singing Beloved Christmas Classic. Footage Is Lighting Up The Internet

Police officers have been known to surprise all of us at one time or another.

They hand out turkeys instead of tickets for Thanksgiving and take underprivileged children shopping for Christmas presents for their loved ones.

For one police officer, his particular holiday antics have gone viral. This officer was unaware that his behavior had caught others’ attention…

It was just a regular day on patrol in Portland, Maine, when Officer Jeremy Turner started to sing to himself.

The snow was falling around him and the twinkle of the city’s Christmas lights was reflecting off the bright white snow.

It seemed like the perfect time and place to start singing Christmas carols. He had no idea that doing so would cause such a scene!

In an interview with WCSH 6 News, Officer Turner shared that he was just walking his beat and singing “O Holy Night” when a crowd started to form around him.

Instead of shutting his mouth and continuing on with his patrol, Officer Turner began to sing louder.

That’s when people whipped out their cellphones and recorded his stunning impromptu performance.

While he was shocked that people were so interested in his singing, he was totally blown away when the footage of him singing “O Holy Night” went viral!

Even though Officer Turner was a little shy about accepting praise for his voice, his boss, Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, said that it was the perfect way to humanize police officers.

In a day and age where citizens are nervous around the police, Police Chief Sauschuck said it’s wonderful to see an officer sharing his gentle side and love for the holidays.

Officer Turner’s singing may have been a surprise to civilians, it wasn’t for his fellow officers.

His incredible voice is well-known within the department and he was even asked to sing the National Anthem during his police academy graduation!

Listen to Officer Turner sing for yourself in the video below. Hopefully, we hear more from him in the future!

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