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Lost baby deer wanders onto porch and befriends cat

Cats can be jerks at times. Although they seem to like to be a sweet and adorable furball, they could be naughty at most times.

This is a fact that even a certified cat lover cannot deny.

However, cats also be sweet when they want to be.

They get excited over little things, and that by itself is something you don’t want to miss.

They say that cats are very curious beings.

They are the subject in a proverb that says, “Curiosity killed the cat,” which means sticking your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong may get you in trouble.

As their nosiness knows no bounds, they sometimes get themselves stuck in weird places or awkward positions.

Their encounters with other animals are just as hilarious.

They slowly approach their target with their eyes widened and often pounce away if the animal makes a sudden movement.

Just like with this kitten and his interaction with a baby deer on their front porch.

A newborn fawn was left by her mother on someone’s front porch.

Mother deers often leave their newborns in safe places while she searches for food.

This time it is on someone else’s house. It is a fawn’s defensive mechanism from predators to lay still when their mother isn’t around.

The house seemed to be isolated and surrounded by trees, and so maybe it is common for the owners to be visited by these woodland creatures.

When morning came, Jim Hausman, the owner of the house, found the baby deer laying still on their front porch.

His cat named Miro became interested in what he saw and decided to assert the situation by checking out the deer himself.

Miro tried to interact with the deer but got no response.

Miro kept a little distance away from the deer to observe how it would react to his presence.

However, he couldn’t contain his excitement and immediately closed the gap by walking towards the deer’s face.

Miro sniffed the fawn on its face but seemed annoyed that he got no response from her. So he tried to tap her on the head just to get her attention.

The fawn remained idle as Miro continued doing his business.

Miro then laid his belly on the concrete — maybe because he got tired, or maybe because he was trying to imitate the baby deer.

Only seconds after, Miro got back up to bug the deer again.

The kitten playfully pounced around and tapped the fawn repeatedly, but in the end, he still couldn’t get the deer to interact with him.

The video was uploaded by Hausman eight years ago, and the clip went viral on a YouTube channel called Rumble Viral, where it racked up almost 6 million views.

People adored Miro’s playfulness but at the same time, many people wondered what happened next.

Luckily, Hausman uploaded a part two where he showed what happened to the deer next.

Your cat and their mischievous cat-titudes.

Seeing Miro, you couldn’t help but think that other cats act the same.

Most cats bug you in your sleep just because their hungry, they lie on your laptop’s keys while you are working just so they could get your attention, and if you show them TOO much attention, they will bite and scratch your hands. Still, though, all the cuddles they give make up for it.

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