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Mailman just lost his dog; doesn’t expect the friendship a Golden Retriever on his route offers

When they say a dog’s a man’s best friend, they’re not kidding.

This animal is always there to provide unconditional love and support.

They don’t judge or question, they just give. So, when someone’s pet dies, it’s beyond heartbreaking. At that point, nothing seems to help.

That’s what happened to one man.

He had a dog that he loved. But sadly, his pet passed away. As expected, that left a big hole in his heart.

No matter what he tried, nothing seemed to lift his spirits. That is until one day the unexpected happened.

He delivers mail.

This particular man just so happens to deliver mail.

Along his route, he comes across all kinds of dogs. But a sweet Golden Retriever named Moose decided he wanted to know more about this person.

Initially, this pup would watch the mailman from a distance.

A beautiful beginning.

But quickly, things began to change.

Instead of simply watching the mailman, Moose wanted to become his friend.

So, every day, he’d wait in anticipation for him to show up…rain or shine.

He was ready to greet his new friend.

As soon as this mailman got out of his truck, the Golden Retriever would bound toward him.

With his tail wagging, he was eager for a head scratch, which he always got plus a lot of hugs.

They formed a special bond.

The owner of this dog would watch from her window to witness something amazing transpiring in her front yard.

Although her adorable pup loved just about everyone, he made a unique connection with the mailman. So, the owner filmed their interaction.

Watching and waiting.

What she saw was truly remarkable. Her dog would sit by the window or front storm door watching patiently for his friend to arrive.

He knew when the mailman was getting close. And this man always arrived on time, ready to give and receive love from his new friend.

They couldn’t get enough of each other/

As soon as the owner heard the mail truck approaching, she’d let her dog out.

Immediately, he runs up to the mailman and stands on his hind legs.

Moose wanted to be as close to him as possible. It was almost as though he sensed this man’s sadness.

The encounters between the mailman and Golden Retriever were so touching, the dog’s owner uploaded a video to share with others.

Quickly, it went viral. To date, it’s been viewed by more than 750,000 people from around the world.

The hole this man felt in his heart was beginning to heal, all thanks to a sweet dog along his route.

But this wasn’t just any dog, it was Moose, the one that chose him to be his friend.

Day after day, this gorgeous Golden Retriever is there to greet the mailman.

We don’t know if he ever decided to get another dog, but hopefully, this pup made enough of a difference that he’ll at least consider it.

In response to the video that the dog’s owner uploaded, people were touched.

One poster had this to say, “Dogs are such sensible animals. They know when someone needs love.” We couldn’t agree more.

Another individual commented, “I believe that the dog is doing something more than just playing, after hearing that the mailman recently lost his dog.”

To see how this man and Golden Retriever connect, check out the video below.

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