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Maine coon gives birth to 5 kittens that all turn out having the grumpiest looking faces

Every birth story is different, even for animals. But, one thing is for sure. It is always a joyous moment.

Well, maybe not always.

When one Maine coon momma gave birth to a litter of five kittens, she probably felt relieved. However, her tiny babies seem to be not amused.

It is uncanny how they all look the same, even up to their facial expression!

They are not smiling at all, and to be honest, they seem to look a bit grumpy. So, are these little kitties happy to be born or what?

An Instagram account named catsvill_county shared photos of her Maine Coon’s kitties and let’s just say, they don’t look as happy as what their fur mom felt.

Looking at their identical furry faces, we can immediately see the annoyance in their eyes. These kittens sure are not having the best of time, based on their expressions alone.

It is already difficult to tell the kittens apart, and with that uncanny expression, it becomes even harder to tell who is who!

As it turns out, this look is actually a normal thing, not just for these kittens but for all Maine coon cats. It is a notable expression that this breed is very famous for.

As the biggest and fluffiest cat breeds out there, Maine coon cats are extremely popular as house pets.

Why? Well, a lot of people simply love a huge and fluffy furball. I mean, who doesn’t, right?

These incredible cats can grow as large as 40 inches to 75 inches in length, with very thick fur and large paws.

Their fluffy fur allows them to be warm during the winter weather.

Although the ancestral origins of this breed are unknown, the best guess is that they came from Norwegian Forest cats.

It is speculated that they might have come to America along with the Vikings.

And when it comes to identifying Maine Coon cats, one feature that they possess makes it very, very easy to spot.

What’s unusual about these cats is the fact that their furry faces almost resemble human faces.

And when the Maine Coon cat owned by Instagram account catsvill_county gave birth to a litter of five kittens, she could not help but notice that the little cats look like grumpy old men!

Honestly, I could not agree more. They are not smiling, have dark grey hair on their cute faces and their eyes look like they are absolutely bored. Grumpy old men, indeed!

This is not the first time that this Instagram account went viral for photos of her Maine Coons.

Just a couple of years ago, it also became popular for sharing a photo of one of its cats that looks insanely like a human’s face. It was her two-month-old kitten named Valkyrie. He sure looks like an annoyed man.

You may think that people got disturbed by these cat’s human-like faces, but it’s actually the opposite. They absolutely love them!

Grumpy-looking or not, these kitties are still adorable and cute.

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