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Mama cat drags her kitten to the emergency room then medics realize mom desperately asking for help

When a concerned mom noticed that her baby was sick, she did exactly what her instincts told her to do.

She rushed her wee little one to the hospital to get him checked out.

There was one potential problem, though. This was a Turkish hospital and she didn’t speak the local language!

Thankfully, nothing was lost in translation.

Even though this mama happened to be covered in fur and could only talk to people in meows, it was obvious that the kitten she carried in her mouth was in desperate need of help.

Social media is going crazy over the stray mama cat who wandered into an emergency room with a kitten in her mouth.

And can you blame them? Just look at how adorably cute this is!

Anyone who has owned (or rather, been owned) by a cat knows that they are very smart animals.

Any animal who can open closed doors with their paws is not dumb!

Plus, the fact that cats can placate us with a single cuddle is proof that they have a lot of “heart intelligence.”

Of course, cats also have the power control their humans just by virtue of being a higher life form.

This means they can pretty much do whatever they want, and we can’t help but obey their every command!

Even so, cats aren’t totally infallible.

When their babies get sick, they’re just as powerless as the rest of us.

Motherly instincts are one of nature’s most powerful motivators.

It can even compel a stray animal, who would normally shy away from humans out of fear for their own safety, into doing just about anything to save the life of their offspring.

In fact, it can even make them forget their manners!

This mama cat was on a mission and she wasn’t about to wait around for her name to be called.

She skipped to the front of the line as soon as she padded into the ER, but the scene was so adorable that no one called her out for it.

With her baby still clutched in her mouth, mom headed straight over to one of the hospital’s treatment rooms.

She promptly dropped her kitten on the floor in front of one of the medics as if to say, “Yes, I’m next.”

That cat knew she had made the right decision to bring her baby to the hospital when staff quickly gathered around and showered them both with lots of attention.

It was all going according to plan!

When Merve Ozcan, who was patiently waiting her turn in the emergency room, saw the stray animal zip to the front of the queue, she didn’t get mad.

Instead, she captured the whole thing on her smartphone and shared the photos online.

Messages of support soon started flooding in from all over the world.

Everyone praised medics and hospital staff for taking the time to look after this mama cat and her kitten, especially when they’re so busy saving human lives!

Turkish folks are known for their love of street animals, with many regularly leaving out food and water for strays.

So it’s not surprising that they immediately took to these two kitties.

After giving mom some food and milk to make her feel more comfortable and relaxed, the two were shuttled over to a local vet who made sure the adorable duo were in good health.

Hospitals are kind of a scary place to be right now, but even in the midst of a global crisis, this is just one more example of how good things can come of bad situations.

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