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Mama dog melts hearts when she’s reunited with her puppies a year after birth

They often say that being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and sometimes that definitely applies to animals too.

Whether it’s raising kids or raising adorable puppies, there is nothing stronger than motherly love, and there is certainly nothing more beautiful than seeing your children grow and thrive.

Unfortunately, mommy dogs are separated from their children most of the time and can’t watch them grow up.

In fact, they very rarely get that chance. When mommy dogs are expecting, the puppies are usually raised until they’re ready to be put up for adoption.

After all, a lot of puppies are often born at the same time, and it’s quite difficult for human owners to keep taking care of them all.

Mamma dog can only hope that her children will end up in their own warm and loving household.

The reunion story of Bess and her twelve puppies is definitely a special one, one that actually starts with a rescue of mommy.

Bess was a homeless pooch and was in desperate need of help.

It was clear that she wouldn’t survive for much longer on her own on the streets, but luckily, a good samaritan found the poor pooch and called the animal services so that she could be taken care of.

Tracey and John Stewart heard about Bess’s story and immediately stepped up to help her in any way they could.

When they took her to a vet to get a medical check-up, they were met with quite the surprise.

It turns out that Bess was actually pregnant with no less than 12 puppies!

It was clear right away that mom needed to deliver as fast as possible.

In fact, she was rushed right into an operating chamber to start the delivery.

One of the twelve babies was actually causing severe medical issues because the unborn puppy was blocking the birth canal.

After spending multiple hours in the emergency room, Bess gave birth to all of her babies without any major complications.

The doctors would’ve never expected that all twelve pups and mom would be okay after this stressful delivery.

Tracey immediately offered to take all of the little ones back home with her, until they reached an adoptable age.

Twelve pups isn’t exactly a small amount, and the little ones weren’t out of the woods just yet.

After all, mommy doesn’t have a limitless supply of milk, and taking care of twelve babies is extremely intensive, but Bess did her best and made it happen. What a mom!

Days passed, and it was just adorable to see these tiny furballs grow into slightly larger puppies.

Of course, Tracey and John wanted to find a warm and loving home for all of them, and they definitely succeeded.

In fact, they were able to get every single one of these adorable pooches adopted through friends and family.

Because they knew all the owners, they were able to hold a massive reunion about a year later!

Tracey definitely didn’t hold back and made sure that it was going to a party for everyone – human owners and dogs alike.

She got balloons and made sure that they could all play with each other in a large field.

Even though they were apart for almost a year, these pups definitely still knew each other. They’ll never forget their family.

You can just see the barks of excitement, the wagging tails, and uncontainable energy. After the pups reunited, it was time to bring mommy Bess in too!

The reunion with mom was absolutely incredible and the pups couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Right away, all twelve puppies made sure to give mommy a whole lot of licks and cuddles.

It’s an absolutely heartwarming and unique reunion that you have to see for yourself in the video below.

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