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Mama goose taps on cop car to ask for help with baby caught in rope

People often forget about the impact that litter can have on wild animals, but even something as simple as a plastic spoon or a piece of string can cause damage to animals big and small.

So when an officer in Ohio came across a tiny gosling caught up in a balloon string, he knew that the animal needed to be released quickly, or it was likely that it would die.

The mama goose had actually been the one to bring the officer to her little gosling in the first place, showing that animals are a lot more clever that we give them credit for!

The story, including a rescue video filmed by one of the officers, was shared onto Inside Edition, and received over 3 million views as people marveled over the goose’s quick thinking.

It’s lucky that an officer was there the day that her gosling needed serious help!

Sergeant James Givens heard a tap on his patrol car, and when he looked out of his window, he realized that the tapping was coming from no other than a goose.

The goose was very persistent, and thinking she was hungry, Sergeant Givens threw her some food. But when the bird seemed uninterested, he got out of the car to see if he could help, and ended up following her down towards the lake.

It turned out that the goose had called him down to the lake for good reason.

The bird was a mom, and one of her goslings had sadly become tangled up in a balloon string.

Unable to free her baby herself, the goose had approached the one person who strangely, she had known would help: a police officer.

Sergeant Givens quickly called the SPCA Wildlife, but unfortunately there was no one available to assist the goose. I

t was ultimately left down to the officers to help, but Sergeant Givens was a little nervous about how the mom would react if he picked up her baby.

Like any wild animals, geese are very protective over their babies, and the sergeant feared being attacked for lifting up the gosling, even if it was pretty clear that he was just trying to help.

Unsure of what to do, the officer called for backup, and Officer Cecilia Charron arrived at the scene.

Without any hesitation, the woman picked up the gosling and got to work attempting the free it from the string.

t was slow, fiddly work, but despite the officer holding the gosling, the mama goose never protested.

It’s as if she knew that this woman was here to save her baby’s life.

After some time, Officer Charron managed to free the gosling from the balloon string, and the goose said her thanks before carrying back on into the wild with her baby.

The goose had had to put her whole trust in the police officers, and we bet that she’s so glad she did!

We’re so thankful for people like Officer Charron who go above and beyond in their jobs to make sure than animals are safe!

Watch the amazing rescue video below.

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