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Man and his dog build beautiful log cabin from scratch

It’s getting closer to winter! You know that that means: snow, warm drinks by the fire, and fuzzy blankets galore!

While winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, you can’t deny the awesome vibes that come with it.

What better to pass the time than a timelapse of someone building a quintessential “winter vibe” log cabin?

My Self Reliance is a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers!

The point of his channel is to show people that they have the ability to look after themselves if it really came down to it.

Hi, I’m Shawn James. I am a passionate outdoorsman living the life of my dreams in a log cabin that I built by myself in the Canadian wilderness.

Join me and my golden retriever, Cali and listen to the sounds of the forest in this relaxing wilderness setting.

I prefer to keep my talking to a minimum and let the natural sounds of nature make you feel as though you are there with me.

In this video, Shawn embarks on a mission to build a log sauna out in the middle of the woods (with his pup Cali of course)!

The entire thing is stunning to watch from start to finish. Since it’s a timelapse, the project comes together really fast and is a real joy to watch.

The first part of the build is to set the foundation of the frame.

With no power tools, Shawn starts hacking away at the corners of logs to get a square foundation.

The ridiculous part is that he doesn’t even use power drills or saws! Everything he does is completely by hand.

Continuing with the process, Shawn lays the first 8-10 logs on the ground, and we can see the frame starting to come together.

A little over one minute in, and the outer walls are all done!

The aesthetic of the entire construction was made better when blankets of white snow started falling!

What is a Canadian winter construction project without snow, right? Once the walls were completed, he got to work on the roof.

Stripping pines and exposing bare white wood, the surreal beauty of the building started to really come together.

With a hand-winch and some ratchet straps, Shawn lifted logs all by himself onto the roof!

With the inside now covered, he laid an insulating layer on the roof and put some of the necessary equipment in for the stove that would eventually go there.

Details, details, details!

A house is so much more than just a few walls and a roof. The details make the project!

Crafting his own window frames and covering them in bark, the cabin’s put-together look really started to show.

Now, the cabin had walls, a roof covering in moss, windows, and a door! Only a few things left to do!

Adding a gate, walkway, and door, the project was almost complete.

The simple beauty of the sauna was almost finished.

Shawn started carrying in the essentials to make it a true “sauna” once he got the door on it.

A table with a water steamer, tables, and a chair signaled the end of the inside – and the project as a whole!

The only thing left was to grab a towel and enjoy the hard work.

Need to get into that “winter spirit”? Watch the relaxing video below!

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