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Man Doesn’t Speak A Lick Of English Making Faith Hill’s Mouth Fall When He Croons Country Hit On Stage

When 21-year old Enkh Erdene stood onstage to audition for The World’s Best, the judges probably didn’t expect to be blown away upon hearing his voice.

Especially when Enkh picked an American country song. I mean, he was not even speaking English to begin with.

That is why they were treated to a major surprise when Enkh sang a George Strait classic entitled “Amarillo By Morning”.

It’s a beloved country songand something that you would not expect to be a song choice for Enkh given the fact that he doesn’t speak any English at all. And to top it all off, he sounded really fantastic!

Enkh Erdene may not speak a stitch of English, but his performance on the pilot episode of The World’s Best definitely showed what he can do.

From the moment he sang his first word, everyone from the so-called “Wall of the World”, the show’s jury, were taken by surprise because he sounded like a cowboy through and through!

He is a country singer, all right. If I did not know that he was Mongolian, I would probably have assumed that he was an American country singer!

His voice was pure magic and the way he sang the lyrics didn’t give a clue to the fact that he doesn’t speak any English!

Everyone in the room was caught off-guard by this guy’s amazing reveal.

A lot of jaws dropped when Enkh sang, including Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill who were two of the show’s judges.

His performance was not only unexpected, but the fact that he sang beautifully was an even more amazing thing!

All throughout his performance, the judges and the jury were in awe of what was unfolding before their eyes.

Enkh was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise and a talented man. His rendition of the classic country song was just impeccable!

Enkh’s performance ended with a standing ovation from the judges and from the jury, a proof that they were totally impressed with his talent.

Everyone felt that he gave justice to the song and it was delightful to know that he can sing like a true blue American cowboy.

He blew everyone in the room away with his exceptional vocals and showmanship.

Everyone thought that he did a tremendously great job and so, he earned a high score which qualified him to move on to the next round of the competition.

This guy’s unexpected and astonishing performance is a must-see!

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