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Man Filming Seagulls Captures A Truly Startling, Once-In-A-Lifetime Event

Whales are such incredible creatures. They are the largest mammals in the world and can live for a long, long time. They’ve also been the subject of numerous movies and novels.

Brad Rich and his friends were out in a boat off the coast of Seward, Alaska, but they could never have guessed what they’d encounter next. Brad started filming some seagulls after he noticed humpback whales beneath them. They were pretty far away from each other, but Brad was hoping to get some decent footage of the whales feeding. Sadly, he never did get that shot – instead, he got to witness a whole pod of whales popping up right next to their boat! Check it out in the video below.

Please note: the man filming does use some foul language in his excitement, so it may be best for you to enjoy this video with the sound muted.

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H/T: Brad Rich

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