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Man Gives Orphan A Doll And She Cannot Contain Her Excitement

Check out this sweet video of a man giving an orphan a doll, and the little girl cannot contain her excitement.

Bilal Erkus was at an orphanage in Nigeria, and he was playing with a little girl named Bedel.

He had brought a surprise for her, and he asked her to close her eyes before the big reveal.

When Bedel opens her eyes and sees that the gift Bilal was giving her was a brand-new doll, she couldn’t contain her excitement!

A big grin flashes across her face, and she grabs the doll and brings it in for a tight hug.

The little girl then starts giggling uncontrollably and it is just the sweetest sound ever!

What a priceless reaction! And what a sweet moment shared between Bedel and Bilal.

I’m sure it will be a memory that the two always cherish.

May we always look out for the orphans and widows of this world, and show them the love and compassion of Jesus.

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