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Man Goes Shopping In Target, Suddenly Busts Out Moves That Have Heads Turning

For most of human history, if you happened to spot something odd or random happening – people would have to just take your word for it.

Today, not only can you whip out your phone’s camera to capture it, chances are you’re not alone.

That’s what happened when YouTube creator Preston Leatherman decided to film himself having a one-man dance party in crowded shopping spots – and the results are hysterical!

Armed with only an iPod and headphone, Preston decided to dance like no one was watching (though, it was his every intent to makes sure everyone was watching).

Using the title song from the 1984 film Footloose, Preston broke a sweat getting down in popular shopping areas like Target, a grocery store, and an arcade.

Preston even danced throughout the mall, earning looks from passing strangers. Believe it or not, more than a few of them decided – why not join in the fun?

In one clip, Preston is joined by a lone woman who can’t hear the music he’s dancing to, but nonetheless matches his steps like it was practiced choreography.

He also stopped by a table of ladies enjoying a relaxing lunch and danced nearby, while they half-smiled and half-pretended not to notice the sweaty guy in a t-shirt dancing soundlessly beside them.

Of course, kids joined the fun as well. A group of young boys, one armed with a toy laser gun, danced with Preston.

Even those who didn’t let the spirit move them to dancing with this stranger, couldn’t help but smile at his antics.

And, as he worked his way towards the “big finish” he got a group of kids to do the moves with him.

This age of social media “pranks” can lead to foolish and even wildly offensive “social experiments,” that are more about aggrandizing the person making the video.

However, Preston’s effort here only put himself at the risk of looking silly!

But what’s really amazing is that instead of just being gawked at by incredulous passers-by, Preston found that even without music playing there were people who just couldn’t stop themselves from joining in.

So, are you brave enough to do the same?

Watch the hilarious, toe-tapping video below:

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