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Man goes viral when neighbor kid keeps riding in his driveway

Boys and two wheels. That’s a love affair that seems to be engineered in the male chromosome.

Little boys will always want to ride bikes. At the earliest age possible, they will try to mount one and eventually have their own.

And good luck asking them to get off and come in for dinner.

This love affair continues all the way to a boy’s teenage years and on to manhood.

Bicycles and motorcycles provide boys with that feeling of abandonment and freedom that a car cannot emulate.

The two wheel bond is unspoken yet understood among guys.

This kid started early.

Canyon Chasers uploaded a video back in August 16, 2020. Two weeks later and the video has an incredible 8.1 million views and counting!

The video is of a random kid on a bicycle riding on a man’s driveway.

Normally not a problem but in this case, the man’s security camera kept alerting him to the stranger’s presence.

He was annoyed at first.

But when he realized who and what it was making his security systems go off, he suddenly began to look forward to the little rider’s visits.

The man’s wife came up with a fantastic idea and suddenly, a boring summer gave birth to lots of fun.

he kid can ride too! Check out how he crawls his bike on to the driveway before going at it with speed, even taking a make believe corner at lean before powering out of the driveway. He’s got MotoGP dreams!

He’s got the need for speed!

The kid comes by every time he can, his confidence on the bike growing each time he does.

You can tell by the way he enters the driveway as the video goes on. He gets faster and faster. He even wears matching colors with his helmet. Get him a sponsor

Take it to the track, kid.

The man of the house waits until nighttime before he comes out with chalk. He proceeds to draw a makeshift course for the kid. There’a an arrow showing where he should enter the track which then goes on to a long left hander, on to a chicane, before coming out for another succession of corners and finally on to the finish straight.

The kid rides by the next morning with his mom once again but this time, he pauses and gapes at the driveway. His mom gets it! She directs her blazing prodigy to the starting area of the course. The little guy goes at it and would you look at his lines? That’s a track record that won’t be beaten anytime soon!

The homeowner says he would make a new course whenever it rained. It’s like the World Superbike season in your own town! The man even films himself as he describes the layout of an even better racetrack. He knows his stuff after all!

He used up as much space as possible, maximizing the driveway’s area for double the fun.

The corners are more challenging and there’s even an official back straight now. They’re labeled for convenience.

“Assuming that the 3 year old can read.”

Hey, it’s the thought that counts. You know, from one rider to another.

There’s a heavy braking zone for a hairpin turn which should improve the kid’s braking skills before another left hand corner called the “Eyes up” because it IS a kid. Then another straight “For the win!”

Makes you want to get your bike.

The kid goes at the new layout, once again displaying his prowess behind the handlebars of his fine machine.

He doesn’t make one mistake, attacking each corner perfectly, hitting the apex before accelerating out with excellent control. Even dad there looks jealous!

Even the neighbors have a go!

The ever changing course provided a stimulating challenge for these people who were spending most of their days indoors due to the pandemic.

But this guy’s love for everything with two wheels proved to be stronger. Kids on scooters, little girls on pink bikes, and even adults on full sized bikes take turns on the driveway course.

But none as much as the kid whose constant presence gave birth to the idea of Laguna Seca on the driveway.

He got better and better, his skills smoother as the days went by, the bike leaning under his control as he set track record after track record.

It was his innocence and curiosity that got the attention of a fellow rider who in turn, wanted to pass on his love for bikes and riding to the younger generation with one simple act. All it took were some chalk and markers. Ride on, kid!

This is the story of a boy and his bike and a man’s passion for two wheels.

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