Man in red speedo takes poolside dancing to the next level

Some would say that “confidence” is the sexiest quality a guy can have. Well, if you agree with this statement – then the man in the video below might have you swooning.

Wearing nothing more than an itty-bitty speedo, he shows off his dance moves like nobody’s business.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a bathing suit, no matter what season it is.

The thought of people seeing your least-favorite areas (that you can usually hide with clothes) is enough to bring on the sweats.

However, don’t you just envy someone that can rock a bathing suit regardless of their size?

When a person is confident and focusing more on being in the moment and having fun, to me, that’s what’s beautiful.

This guy will brighten your day.You know that feeling when you just gotta dance? The man in the clip sure does, and he’s not gonna let the fact that he’s wearing a teeny swimsuit hold him back.

In fact, he embraces it! He even recorded his little backyard performance.

Standing in front of a pool with Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” playing in the background, the guy busts out dancing like nobody’s watching.

He shakes his hips and moves his feet on the patio – throwing in some good arm swings to make it all complete.

His red and blue briefs seem to sparkle in the light (although it’s probably not polite to stare at them too much).

While the man seems super-comfortable in his own skin, let’s not forget that it appears to be a hot day. So, at least he’s wearing a baseball hat for sun protection.

If you’ve ever heard “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” then you know what a fun dance tune it is.

According to Song Facts, Timberlake reported that he had been inspired to make a “modern disco song” for the movie Trolls.

No wonder the guy couldn’t help but put his dancing sandals on! The song’s upbeat, catchy, and makes you want to groove along.

With lyrics like, “I got that sunshine in my pocket – Got that good soul in my feet,” what’s not to love?

For a full minute, and with the camera rolling, the man shows the world his amazing skills. Seriously, he’s quite a good dancer!

Despite the fact that there may be some to think he doesn’t have “the body” to be flaunting such a small suit, all that really matters is that he’s feeling confident.

After the video was posted on Facebook, thousands of comments came flooding in. Many of which cheered the guy on for his courageous speedo dance.
One said:

“Idk who he is but I want to dance! I love it when guys are free spirits. Who cares what other people think! If it makes you happy then do it. You will attract like minded people. This guy rocks!”

Another person wrote:

“I love him!! How fabulous 🙂 what’s that saying… “dance like no ones watching”, well I can watch this over and over again, puts a smile on my dial. People having fun and simply enjoying themselves is contagious 🙂 thank you”

He even racked up a couple of admirers along the way too. A woman commented:

“Oh my God I would so love to meet this guy – he so cute I love his moves, his confidence and he is just the cutest ever.”

It’s a dance clip that’s been viewed more than 21 million times. Feast your eyes on it below!

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