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Man interrupts girls playing classical and brings down the house

Brendan Kavanagh is an internet sensation, known for connecting with people through his impromptu musical performances.

The London resident travels around to public pianos in various locations, stunning unexpecting strangers with his incredible talent.

In the video below, Kavanagh (who also goes by Dr K) runs into a couple of young women from China who’ve never heard boogie-woogie before.

If you’re familiar with Kavanagh’s videos then you know it’s a style that’s one of his specialties!

Just wait until you see their reactions when he sits down and busts out his boogie-woogie skills on the piano.

Kavanagh’s a YouTube star with more than a million subscribers to his channel.

While he’s famous for his impromptu piano-playing, there’s another aspect that kicks some of his performances up a notch.

Instead of sitting down and revealing his identity to strangers, Kavanagh wears disguises at times.

He’s dressed as a pilot, construction worker, UPS driver, and more – which adds to the element of surprise when he begins to jam out on the piano.

During one of Kavanagh’s missions, he discovered a woman playing classical music on a public piano.

People had already started to gather around the female pianist who was really quite talented!

Staying incognito, Kavanagh’s wearing a black jacket with the hood up and sporting dark sunglasses.

He listens closely to her piece and then breaks out some of his classical skills as well.

He then has a question for the stranger from China. Kavanagh asks her, “Do you know boogie-woogie?” The woman seems confused and is unsure of the music style.

What she doesn’t know though, is it’s one she soon wouldn’t forget, thanks to Dr K!

Kavanagh has opened the eyes of many to boogie-woogie thanks to his countless videos on YouTube.

But this time, he shows two women up-close how incredible the style is.

He begins on the piano playing classical, which they’re very familiar with. Dr K then throws in a twist and switches over to the jazzy style of boogie-woogie.

Instantly, the faces on the ladies light up and they start bopping along to the energetic sound.

They might not have ever heard it before, yet, it seems as if they have no problem connecting with it!

Boogie-woogie is a type of music that lifts your soul and makes you want to tap your feet. The genre originated in the 1870s, but didn’t become popular until the 1920s.

Some people grew up loving and listening to the style, while others are more new to it (like the women in the video). One viewer wrote:

“My first memories of music are of boogie woogie, love it! Loved watching and hearing my grandmother play it! Damn that feels good!”

They say music is a universal language, meaning it can connect us all.

Despite having an actual language barrier, the women are able to have a connection with Kavanagh through the piano.

As he rocks out, they have the biggest smiles on their faces listening to the performance.

When Kavanagh reaches the end, he suddenly switches back to classical making the ladies cheer. It’s easy to see that he has a couple of more satisfied listeners.

It’s a performance that’s been watched more than 17 million times on YouTube.

Press play below to see Dr K wow the crowd with his boogie-woogie piano-playing skills!

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