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Man records the unexpected moment a family of mountain lions decides to visit his back porch

Andy Davis lives in Conifer, Colorado – and he got a big surprise one day in 2018 when he got up early to take a run.

As he was sipping coffee and checking his e-mail, Andy saw some uninvited visitors on his porch out of the corner of his eye. It would be enough to startle anyone.

But he was stunned to see exactly what they were – a group of mountain lions was hanging out outside the door!

“The mom of the mountain lions hopped up on the patio,” he told KDVR . “I reached over real slow to grab my phone and snap a couple pictures and then right behind her came the three babies.”

Davis didn’t seem nearly as afraid as we would have been – in fact, he’d been waiting his whole life to catch a glimpse of a big cat.

“People don’t know how lucky a person has to be to see any mountain lion at all, really hard to spot. To see this, this is just amazing,” said one commenter who was clearly in the same camp as Davis.

During his time in Colorado, he’d seen deer, elk, and bears, but never a lion.

“I was just amazed. My whole life I’ve been waiting to see cats,” Davis said. “This morning, I got to see four of them at the same time. It just blew my mind. … Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

You read that right – 4 cats! Apparently, seeing this many together is a rare phenomenon.

Mountain lions are solitary animals, but this happened to be a mom and her mostly-grown cubs, so that’s why there were so many in the same place.

And it appears the lions caught on to being filmed soon after the video started rolling.

The cats turned around to look inside the house but didn’t seem threatened.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a tiny faux deer amongst them.

Feeling safe inside his home, Davis delighted in watching them on the porch and drinking from his water fountain.

But like a good neighbor, he also made sure to phone those who lived nearby to give them a heads up in case children and pets were out and about.

“My dad always warned my mom, ‘take something with you when you go out on a walk because you don’t know what’s going to be out there in the woods,’” Davis said.

“I highly doubt I’ll ever get to see something like that again.”

While many would be relieved never to see them again, we have to admit that it is a majestic moment.

Of course, it called for some humor in the comment section as well:

“My Advice: Don’t ever sunbath on the porch with headphones on,” said one of over 13,000 commenters.

A repost of the video has been viewed over 2.6 million times since July of 2018, so it’s pretty clear people like lions, just perhaps not in their backyard.

And it’s obvious that the lions knew Davis was there – though they probably aren’t aware that they’re Internet famous now.

We have to admit it’s a little freaky that they seem so comfortable around human property.

Nevertheless, they left without any drama, even politely taking the porch steps down to the lawn (well, after jumping on the railing).

There’s no word on whether or not this was the last sighting.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the video Davis recorded of his eventful morning.

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