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Man rescues hummingbird only to receive “thank you” he’ll never forget

Hummingbirds are always so exciting to see.

They’re so fast that each glimpse at them is fleeting, which makes a sighting all the more special.

But if a few hummingbird rescue videos have taught us anything, it’s that hummingbirds are also pretty grateful creatures.

A big gesture for a tiny creature.

A man named Will Salameh uploaded a video of someone nursing a hummingbird back to health after it got caught in a garage overnight.

The bird was discovered around 8 am and the homeowner luckily had a little syringe around so that the bird could be fed and re-hydrated.

What luck!

The bird drank greedily from the syringe and even looked up at its rescuer as if to say “hey, thanks, man!”

After getting some of its energy back, it managed to stretch its wings – but it still didn’t go anywhere.


A few hours later the hummingbird was still in the garage where it was saved (perhaps trying to get its wits about it? We’re not sure how many wits a hummingbird has though).

By 1 pm it was ready for a little more sugar water before it took flight, and its savior was happy to oblige.

Then, around 3 pm, when it looked like the bird might need more time than expected, the good samaritan found some items to make it a little nest and nursed it some more from the syringe.

But, eventually, it was time to go and we see a hand reach into the little plastic box with the nesting materials to pluck out the bird (who seemed to be getting pretty comfortable).

Time to fly

It’s pretty magical to see a hummingbird rest comfortably on someone’s hand, but this little creature seemed to know it was safe.

So safe, in fact, that it decided not to leave. After all, if someone offers you a cushy pad and free food that you don’t have to find yourself, what’s the rush?

Even as 4 o’clock rolled around, the hummingbird was still standing by, seemingly unwilling to leave its new friend.

Luckily, a few minutes later it decided it was safe enough to leave the comfort of its convalescent confines and fly away.

Not the only thankful hummingbird

This is not the first time a hummingbird has made news for sticking around after a save.

A man and his new rescue dog Rex discovered a hummingbird in need. And after years of living on the mean streets, it was the dog that rescued the little creature!

The hummingbird looked dead – it was featherless, covered in ants, and on the ground. But the dog refused to leave it.

Ed Gernon felt he had no choice but to take it home. And he ended up nursing it all the way back to health – even teaching it to fly again using a hairdryer!

He named the bird Hummer and it lived in his house for quite some time. After it flew off, it would even come back to visit its rescuers!

Be sure to scroll down below to see the grateful hummingbird from the garage get nursed back to health!

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