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Man rescues scared foal that lost its mama and ran into traffic

It’s hard to know exactly what to do when you see an animal in the road.

Sometimes it’s safer for everyone not to intervene if traffic is heavy.

But when a baby horse ends up on the highway, it’s hard to just pass on by.

It’s quite a sight!

In 2016, a video of an unnamed man saving a baby horse that had gotten loose from its enclosure and jumped a guardrail went viral. Then it went viral again in 2017.

Now, it’s been viewed tens of millions of times across all social media platforms around the world.

To our knowledge, the man has never come forward to identify himself nor is it clear where or exactly when this happened.

Doing the right thing

To his credit, the man decided he had to stop. After all, this is a startling and sad sight and it would be hard not to wonder how it all ended.

The foal had no idea where it was or how to get back. And there was always the chance that a speeding driver coming around the bend could have hit the little creature.

At the very least, it would have wandered even farther away from home.

The approach

As the driver slows down and the horse comes to a stop, he reaches out to pet the creature. But someone’s not in the mood for snuggles.

It just wants to get back to mom.

There’s a break in the video that makes it difficult to know just how far the horse was away from its family, but when it starts back up the foal is now sauntering down the side of the guardrail with a horse that is presumably its mother looking on.

But the baby is just too little to take a good jump back to safety in that location.

The horses don’t know quite what to do in this situation and whoever owns them isn’t around to see what’s happening.

Plenty of people in the comments section of the video posted about the danger that guardrails pose to horses when that’s all there is between them and the road.

“As a farrier, I can honestly say there is nothing more dangerous to a horse than these metal guard rails! I have seen so many horses completely rip their hooves off when they try to jump them.”

But what’s done is done. The foal doesn’t seem injured, but someone is going to need to lift it over the rail.

The rescue

That’s when we see the shadow of one of the men in the car. He’s going to do his best to help out.

But, remember, it might look small, but foals weigh at least 150 pounds – and this one looks a bit older so it probably weighs more.

That’s a lot of weight to deadlift over a guardrail – and there’s no guarantee how the little horse will react.

As he approaches, the mother and another juvenile move back from the rail in fear. And the foal on the road isn’t keen on being approached either.

It turns out he had to chase the foal down the road aways just to get ahold of it.

And once he does, we see that there are many more horses watching on to see how this goes.

It’s a struggle and whoever is getting the moment on video gets out of the car to help.

But by the time they do, the good samaritan has already lifted the foal and is about to place it on the correct side of the rail.

And it’s a happy ending!

An adult horse stands by nearly looking like it’s thanking the man for his help before they all go back to life as usual.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the dramatic rescue for yourself – including the foal’s near-escape from its own rescuer!

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