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Man sees ginormous whale entangled and trapped in rope, dives in and cuts it free

What would you do if you saw a giant humpback whale swimming towards you while you were underwater? I don’t know about you, but there would only be one thought running through my mind, “Why is this whale so big and I hope it doesn’t hurt me!” I probably wouldn’t be thinking that thought though if I knew more about humpback whales. These gentle giants can grow to be around 50 feet in length and 80,000 pounds in weight, yet their diet consists mostly of krill and small fish — not humans.

You may think that because humpback whales are so big, they would never need the help of a human. According to the following story, however, that may not be particularly true.James Moskito is a professional diver and volunteer that was in charge of a massive effort in order to free a trapped humpback whale off the coast of San Francisco, California, back in 2005. Moskito recalls,

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