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Man sees young boy staring at his phone and his act of kindness is captured on video

Being friendly and treating people well is something the world can never get enough of.

Being nice to children is a special kind of kindness.

We all love to see those special humans who are simply excellent with kids.

Speaking of such heroes, here is a heartwarming video of a man who notices a little boy staring at his phone screen.

Instead of reacting impulsively, the man simply shares the game he’s been playing with the kid. Another commuter had been watching the whole thing and captured it on a camera.

Kia Tatiyana Davis is one of the thousands of passengers who use a busy subway.

Did you know that the NYV subway is ranked 7th in the world for annual ridership? It transports over 1.7 billion riders each year.

Having that number in mind, it is natural to expect various funny events to happen while on a subway.

We’ve all seen people singing or performing something on a subway.

Then there are people who transport animals with them, beggars, and a lot more exciting commuters.

You’ll likely witness epic things, whether you want it or not. Davis was lucky to see a beautiful encounter.

A man and a boy formed an unlikely friendship thanks to a mobile phone.

People say phones have been distancing us for quite a while, but here is an example that says quite the opposite.

A young fellow sits in between his mom and a man who is looking at his phone.

The boy is polite, he tries his best not to disturb the man, but the curiosity prevails. We suppose that the man is playing a video game on his phone.

Every once and a while, the kid looks at the phone, trying to keep up with what’s going on. The man has earphones, and he doesn’t notice the boy at first.

After a while, the man sees the boy looking at his phone screen.

Interestingly, both of them share a smile as soon as their eyes meet.

The two don’t speak at all, but they managed to find a way to communicate.

Because the boy displays great enthusiasm for the mobile phone, the man unplugs his earphones and gives the phone to the boy.

“I almost cried,” wrote Davis on her Facebook page.

The phone brought happiness to three persons, and all in one day. It must have been one special game on that phone.

As soon as he takes the phone, the boy continues the game.

Just take a look at how cute the boy is. He’s sitting calmly with his hands crossed, looking at the phone.

The video proves that a bit of kindness can go a long way. We need more people like this man.

In fact, we need to be this man who selflessly shared the phone with an unknown kid.

It’s not about the phone; it’s about caring and sharing. The world is a much better place than we think, and this man proves it.

Judging by how good he’s with kids, the man is probably an educator.

He is either that or an uncle. The pal clearly spends time with children, and he recognized what the boy wanted right away.

The boy didn’t invade the man’s space, he didn’t lean in. He simply couldn’t take his eyes off the phone.

Who could resist his good manners? We’re proud of everyone involved in the video.

The man didn’t seem at all bothered by the boy, and the kid was very polite. The footage boosted our mood right away.

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