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Man shows how he wakes his blind and deaf dog, with sweet video garnering over 59 million views

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When Aiden Mann took in a deaf and blind dog, people thought that he was crazy.

But he and the dog have formed an incredible bond.

Aiden had had his Staffy/Dane mix, Lola, for five years when he realized that he wanted to take in another dog.

She was both deaf and blind. She had been this way since the day she was born.

Over the coming weeks, Aiden and Lola fell completely in love with Plum.

Lola could tell that she had special needs and looked out for her all the time.

Aiden could see how much Plum appreciated being around a human and a dog that loved her. Soon, Aiden made the decision to adopt Plum.

At first, many people thought that Aiden was crazy.

But slowly, his friends and family could tell why Aiden had fallen in love with Plum. The dog was just so nice!

Aiden decided to document his life with Lola and Plum.

Thanks to his social media posts, many people have seen the joy that a special needs dog can bring to a home.

But one post has gone completely viral.

People were asking Aiden how he woke Plum up without scaring her.

He decided to show everyone in a video. And the whole world agreed that the video was adorable.

The video began with Aiden walking up to Plum while she slept.

He walked slowly, careful not to wake her. Then Aiden crawled up to the dog and gently blew on her.

Plum shot up, a little startled. But she soon realized that there was no danger.

Instead, she could smell that Aiden, her favorite person, was there. Then she went in to give Aiden a hug.

Plum then lay back on the ground, enjoying Aiden petting her.

People thought that this video was incredibly adorable.

They kept on sharing it. Soon, people all over the world had seen it.

To date, it has gained over 59 million views. It also has more than 13 million likes.

Aiden has since made more videos of how he helps Plum lead a full and happy life.

For instance, one video showed how he helps her leave the car.

In the video, Plum could feel the back door of the car open, so she approached it cautiously, feeling for the edge.

She then waited until Aiden touched her, which was a sign that it was safe for her to leap out.

And recently, Aiden has welcomed another dog into his home.

He now has Willow, a mixed breed brown dog who soon grew to love Aiden, Lola and Plum.

All three dogs and Aiden have amazing adventures together on a regular basis.

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