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Man spends 500 hours preparing for spectacular Christmas light show

Some houses dangle a couple strings of twinkling lights and call it a day, and then there are the few that give that extra effort and make their Christmas lights immortal.

You can witness the latter in this video. The homeowner has created a whole experience with the full-on theatrical stage light show that has become a real crowd pleaser.

This portion of their light show is set to A-ha’s 80s classic “Take on Me,” and it might just be the most spectacular Christmas lights you’ll ever see.

The lights span from the sidewalk up the house and onto the roofline.

There’s a giant Christmas tree on the lawn where the lights spiral up like a shooting star.

Eight powerful spotlights adorn the roof moving to the music in 360 degrees of motion.

Bouncing lights decorate the lawn at the curb and multiple snowflake shaped lights flash and sparkle along to the music.

There’s even singing trees sitting in the windows above the garage.

These three singers make up the band, with one taking lead and the other two singing the chorus and backup.

This is simply spectacular creativity from the owner of this special Christmas display.

Tom BetGeorge is the mastermind behind the display ornamenting his house in Tracy, California.

BetGeorge is not your average enthusiastic homeowner who happens to create an amazing display each year.

No, BetGeorge is a budding tycoon behind the Christmas light “experience” cottage industry.

BetGeorge takes his love of Christmas, music, and electrical engineering and started Magical Light Shows a company that helps other homeowners create Christmas light events like no other.

BetGeorge doesn’t just help homeowners become the envy of their neighborhood during the Holiday Season, he also has major clients such as Church Organizations, IHOP, and even Disneyland.

His company is in high demand across the country. His personal home is the flagship of the organization.

Every December he turns on the lights showing four forty minute performances a night.

His display brings crowds lining his culdesac. BetGeorge estimates he has upwards of 3,000 visitors each night leading up to Christmas.

This type of light show takes year-round work as BetGeorge plans and deploys his Holiday light show. He puts in around 450-500 hours a year creating his light show spectacles.

That makes you wonder what is more expensive: the extensive lights with miles of electrical chord, the power bill, or the cost of his own work hours.

BetGeorge not only gives the gift of a magnificent music and light show to the people of Tracy, California but he also sets up donation boxes to facilitate the season of giving.

This year’s show is taking donations for the McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter and donations for Brighter Christmas of Tracy.

Anyone feeling that nostalgia for the synth pop of the 1980s? “Take on Me” was one of the biggest songs of 1985, and is still in heavy rotation today.

A-ha is the most successful global pop music act ever to come from Norway.

This was in big part to their breakthrough music video for the song “Take on Me,” which incorporated rotoscoping animation and live action.

BetGeorge channeled all his skills to make these lights bounce and sparkle along with the song.

YouTubers are giving their thanks for this video.

“2020 isn’t all bad now that we have this video.”

And some YouTubers are feeling nostagic for the 80s.

“I really miss the 80’s. At least this is the next best thing. Great job you did.”

And YouTuber Mike Mallinson gives a perfect review in the comments.

“This is hands down the best sequence I’ve ever seen in pixels.

The separation between the different elements picking up all the different instruments and rhythms, the house outlines playing with tempo, the use of color to convey the calm dry feel of the verses then the break to color swirls for the chorus – and when the candy canes came in for the little keyboard riffs I almost exploded. So, so, so well done.”

Wrapping a string of twinklers around the tree in the front yard might show that you “found the time” but BetGeorge has taken his display to another level.

Spread around this video to send some Christmas cheer and maybe a little envy. When your neighbor sees the light show of all light shows, they might feel a little inadequate.

Watch the incredible light show below!

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