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Man Spots Beautiful Timber Wolf In Woods, Realizes It’s In Trouble And Jumps Into Action

A man’s mission to help free a timber wolf put him in a dangerous situation, but one he was willing to dive into. Being out in the wild in Wisconsin, the man knew that he could encounter just about anything.

With wild animals tucked away in any corner of the woods, combined with weather’s ever-changing conditions, the man knew he had to be on guard at all times. With all these things to be aware of, he was extra alert.

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It wasn’t just himself he was watching out for, however, but as soon as he came across an animal in trouble, he knew he had to do something about it. The sight was one that would have anyone’s heart racing.

There, right before his eyes, was a creature so large that it could easily attack if given the chance. Though equally beautiful as it was feared, this timber wolf was in no doubt pinned down to the ground in a serious and painful trap.

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The trap was set up for coyotes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t tangle up other animals like this timber wolf. Disguised in the rugged terrain, the trap was ready to capture an animal who traveled close enough.

Unfortunately for this wolf, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though the man was willing to help out, he knew that getting too close could be extremely dangerous.

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He had to come up with a plan fast. What mattered most was not only freeing the wolf from his painful entrapment, but to keep himself safe at the same time.

A simple solution came to mind as the man brought out a large piece of wood to cover his legs, hoping that it would act as a shield if the wolf got too close. Once he got close enough to help the wolf, he was in the most dangerous spot yet.

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Watch the shocking video below to see how his plan unfolds – it’s one you can’t miss!

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