Man spots timber wolf in trouble and films gutsy rescue

Many people don’t know what to do when it comes to wild animals.

But one YouTube video is showing how property owners in Wisconsin are humanely trapping and releasing animals like wolves and coyotes without hurting them.

It’s amazing to see the sheer size of the wolves like this.

When user John Owens came across his trap that had snagged a timber wolf, he was able to get within about 15 feet of it.

It was close enough for size comparison, and it showed just how enormous an animal like this is.

In fact, wolves are the largest members of the canine family.

Timberwolves, also called gray wolves, are some of the biggest of the species you’ll find.

Adults can get up to six-and-a-half feet long and weigh about 175 pounds.

It’s truly amazing to see the size of this giant animal, especially in such close proximity to humans.

The wolf was caught by its paw. When Owens and his team approached, the wolf was waiting patiently.

Wolves are typically shy by nature, however. So, it was no surprise it began to grow nervous as the humans approached.

It started to struggle, trying to pull away from the trap.

Thankfully, the humans were there to help.

As Owens placed a wooden board between himself and the wolf for his protection, the animal continued to struggle, even snapping at the wood a few times.

It was clearly uncomfortable with being so close to a human.

The instant the man freed its paw, the wolf bounded off into the trees without looking back.

It was a simple moment, but people online were touched by the man’s gentle attitude toward the animal and the willingness to trap and release it instead of killing it.

“Alot of respect to you guys releasing the animals yous are not there to trap…..and checking the traps when you should,” wrote one commenter.

“Its crazy yous are only doing what you should be doing but theres so many that dont……thank guys! And good trapping in the future!” [sic]

They also received praise for their ingenious trap, which they designed themselves.

Unlike catchpoles, the trap was quicker, easier, and safer. It only caught the wolf by a single paw, making it easy to release it without any human or animal harm.

The two men were actually out to catch coyotes, which are seen as pests in some areas because they can cause havoc to property.

They were happy to release the wolf, which had no interest in causing destruction to the land.

Owens pointed to the beauty of the animal, and other YouTube commenters were quick to point that out as well.

“A wolf is beautiful but his name is used derogatorily as in calling some guy ‘a wolf’,” wrote one commenter.

“Sometimes in nursery rhymes it is preceded by ‘big, bad…’ etc. No justice in all that.

Now, if caught alone in the woods without a weapon and a wolf was tearing you apart, you might have trouble seeing the beauty in him. But you’ve got to get over that detail.”

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