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Man takes “Amazing Grace” to heavenly heights

When we think of German music in the mountains we likely think of something along the lines of The Sound of Music.

I know, I know, that’s Austria, not Germany, but those grand sweeping views of Austrian mountains, July Andrews twirling through the grass, it seems to derive from a similar outdoor beauty.

And when we think of Germans playing pipes among the mountains we likely think about the sultry sound of an Alphorn (Giant horns we may associate with lederhosen-clad Germans playing) echoing through the snow-capped alps.

But there may be another way of seeing Germans and musical pipes. But are we talking about an Alphorn, or something a bit different?

The Pan Pipes, (or Pan Flute, or Syrinx to the Ancient Greeks) are a truly ancient instrument.

According to the Greek myth, the god of nature and shepherds, Pan the faun, constructed the instrument out of reeds after a forrest nymph was transformed into one while fleeing from him.

Normal enough thing to do, turn someone who’s running away from you into a reed, then cut them into segments of varying length and place them in a row to make a series of pipes that play a progression of musical notes.

Now however, the sound of Pan Pipes can often be associate with South American countries such as Peru, and even some parts of China, and many European countries.

So what happens when you swap out an Alphorn for a set of these bad boys?

You get wonderful music!

David Doering (or Döring as sometimes spelled), is a master of the pipes.

He fills the Austrian country side with his Pan Pipe majesty, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. In this particular video, he plays a cover of “Amazing Grace” and how sweet the sound is indeed.

His video places him among the beautiful Austrian mountains, and we’re back to the sound of music!

Specifically, David is piping his way through the areas of Rifflsee (Pitztal) and the Nature Park House (Kaunertal) in Austria.

I’ve been looking carefully with a magnifying glass to my screen to see if I can spot July Andrews twirling atop any of the mountains behind David, but so far no luck. It’s only the sound of David’s music that these mountains need.

David has done well for himself with his Pan Piping, touring around the world with his instrument.

It’s not a sound you hear very often and when David covers popular songs such as Amazing Grace, they are leant a certain aura of mysticism, as if beckoning back to their roots in mythology.

With David playing in such a beautiful natural environment, you could almost see David as a half-goat faun perched on a rock, and playing for the creatures of nature.

He really has such fantastic skill with his Pan Pipes.

Firstly, I don’t know how you keep track of where all the notes are on that long string of pipes!

David however, masterfully slides back and forth, playing seamlessly as if it were his most natural way to exhale.

He sustains long notes beautifully, and even wiggles one of his hands to give a tremolo effect.

Watch the full video below to enjoy David’s amazing, Amazing Grace!

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