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Man turns “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” into a masterpiece

When you hear Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” it might beam you back to the mid-90s, or perhaps to when your kids were little and you watched The Lion King a thousand times. It’s an award-winning song that a lot of us hold dear to our hearts.

Vocalist Jonathan Antoine took the stage to perform a rendition of the classic Disney tune.

Not only did he take crowd members’ breath away – but it’s a version that’s spreading goosebumps around the internet too.

Jonathan is a classically-trained tenor from the United Kingdom who’s known for his beautiful voice.

He began taking singing lessons at 11-years old, and ever since, he’s been amazing people with his musical talent.

However, it was at the age of 17 that Jonathan got his first major taste of fame.

Reality shows like American Idol and The Voice have helped turn many talented individuals into stars.

For Jonathan Antoine, Britain’s Got Talent is the show that helped catapult his career.

Jonathan auditioned on season six of the series as part of the vocal duo, “Jonathan and Charlotte.”

Some seemed to be skeptical at first.

The teen walked onto the stage looking timid, and even judge Simon Cowell noticed.

Yet, once Jonathan unleashed his stunning, operatic voice everyone was left awestruck.

Jonathan and Charlotte sang a duet of “The Prayer” that earned them four “yeses.” Cowell was so impressed he said, “Jonathan, you are a future star.”

It turned out to be a “don’t judge a book by its cover” audition that currently has more than 126 million views on YouTube!

The duo Jonathan and Charlotte became the runner-ups of the sixth season.

While they didn’t win the first-place prize that year, they did find great success after BGT.

They created two albums together before parting ways and pursuing solo careers.

Jonathan’s toured around the United Kingdom, performed at prestigious events, and two of his classical albums reached number one.

According to his website, he also supports several important causes and speaks openly about “the importance of self-worth and a general loving attitude and outlook on life.”

Like many of us, Jonathan also loves the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

The video below takes place in Toronto, Canada at the historic Elgin and Wintergarden Theatre.

The audience that evening was treated to a spectacular performance of the song, with Jonathan as the vocalist. He was accompanied by various musicians on a nature-themed stage.

Jonathan’s powerful voice pairs incredibly with The Lion King tune.

Whether or not you’ve heard him sing before – prepare for chills.

Jonathan’s talent for opera shines through in the performance, all while his mane-like hair blows around in the theater’s breeze.

At the end of the performance, Jonathan is given a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

YouTube viewers have also been blown away by his rendition, which has 43K “likes” (and counting).

One person commented:

“This is what you want, a difference but still within the same vibe of the original. Brilliant cover.”

Another wrote:

“When he started singing the first line I just started bawling! This voice is something else. Keep doing what you are doing, Jonathan you are crazy talented and have a heart of gold! <3”

There’s even a special message from Jonathan in the video that gives viewers a glimpse into his beautiful soul.
He says:

“What I would really like for people to think about and to ponder is the idea of imagining others complexly.

Every single person that you pass in the street, they have as varied, storied, and exciting as a life as you do. So treat them that way – please.”

You can enjoy Jonathan’s breathtaking version of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” below!

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