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Man Visits Wild Gorillas He Raised As Babies, But Watch As He Introduces His Wife For 1st Time

When multi-millionaire wildlife conservationist Damian Aspinall took his wife, Victoria, to the jungles of Gabon to meet a couple of old friends, little did he know that one of his pals would dare try to steal his wife’s heart!

The unexpected situation unfolded right after the couple got married, and Damian wanted to introduce Victoria to his good friends, Djalta and Ima.

But, there was just one problem. Four years ago, Damian left the two boys all alone in the jungle, and under normal circumstances they wouldn’t be too happy to see Damian show up on their turf!

Of course in actuality, there shouldn’t have been any hard feelings over their last send-off.

Djalta and Ima happen to be Western Lowland gorillas, and they love being surrounded by all the good jungle vibes!

The conservationist had bred the two great apes since they were babies, before releasing them into the wild as 12-year-olds.

But, while Damian had tons of experience with gorillas, Victoria had absolutely none.

This meant that Damian was very cautious as the couple traveled by boat through crocodile-infested waters to reach the two apes.

However, instead of watching out for Victoria’s safety, Damian probably should have been looking after her heart.

His wife was instantly enamored with the pair of three hundred pound beasts! They gave her lots of attention and hugs, and even nuzzled her neck.

In an incredible show of trust, Victoria can be seen laying down in Ima’s lap, as he tries to play with her baseball cap and pick nits out of her hair.

Watch the video below to see if Ima actually succeeds in claiming Victoria as his new “gorilla wife.” Awww, this is so cute!

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