“Maniac” Starts To Play As 5-Year-Old Busts Out Dance Moves That Leave Entire Crowd Astounded

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Some people just make you wish that you could dance so good. Roxy Brennan is one of those people, and she’s only five years old.

Nowadays, it looks like there are so many youngsters with insane talents.

Where did they all come from? It used to be that people had to spend years, if not decades, practicing something before they became good at it.

And these talented children love to flaunt their skills to everyone else. One such child is Roxy Brennan. She’s a five-year-old, but she’s an amazingly good dancer.

It can be hard to teach a five-year-old anything, let alone a well-coordinated, perfectly executed dance routine.

But Brennan has been able to do it at a time when most of her peers are just watching Peppa Pig!

If you doubt that a five-year-old can dance like a pro, then just watch her recent performance at a dance competition.

The video starts with Brennan’s back to the crowd. Then the percussion of the song “Maniac” from the movie Flashdance starts, and she shakes to it in perfect time.

Then she twists around to reveal her front, shaking her arm and flexing her hips.

It just looks unreal that a five-year-old can be moving like this!

She has definitely chosen a hard song to dance to. It moves so fast. But she is having no trouble keeping up!

And then her performance goes from great to astonishing. She grabs her leg and spins around.

But she isn’t done there. After this, she moves around the stage at an amazing pace. In fact, she makes complex dance routines look easy!

By the time that the chorus “She’s a maniac, maniac, maniac for sure,” starts, Brennan has already performed over a dozen amazing dance moves.She can do things like the side splits with seemingly no effort.

And still, Brennan doesn’t let up. By the song’s end, she’s gone from one end of the stage to the other and back again. She’s made the space her own.

No one was expecting someone so young to do something so spectacular!

The audience then gives Brennan a huge round of applause. It must surely have been the loudest cheer of the entire day. After all, what could top this talented little girl?

Unsurprisingly, Brennan would go on to win first place in the Top Primary Solo 5 & Under category of the dance competition. The judges also named Brennan Primary Miss Petite.

Brennan was performing at the Kids Artistic Revue (KAR) regional dance competition in Maryland.

The Kids Artistic Revue is a gold mine of talented children showing off their dance skills.

Its Instagram page has amassed over 160,000 followers through posting a range of videos of children performing to all manner of songs.

Roxy Brennan has her own Instagram page, that is managed by her mother. Even though she is just five years old, she’s still managed to gain over 10,400 followers.

This toddler leads a really exciting life.

As well as performing in and winning dance competitions, Brennan also works as a model for a range of dancewear brands.

Who knows what she’ll go on to achieve when she grows up? Anyone that’s this good at dancing now will be fantastic as an adult.

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