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Military band performs Christmas classic but man in yellow turns to steal the show

Did you know that The United States Navy has its own band?

Not only do they have their own band but they have seven different world renowned bands? The United States Navy Band normally plays three Christmas shows at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. for the holiday season.

These three shows have an audience of about 10,000 people each year.

The United States Navy Band might not be able to perform these Christmas shows during 2020 but this only gives the reason to watch their Christmas performances of the past and get into the holiday spirit.

The United States Navy Band performs new Christmas carols and also the classics.

They were asked to perform more classics and they were there to give the audience what it wants. What Christmas song is more classic than “White Christmas?”

Everyone dreams for a White Christmas when they cannot have one and this Christmas carol immediately brings the Christmas spirit for all who listen.

The United States Navy Band has four gentlemen lead the band throughout the Christmas tune.

They introduce off the song by jokingly stating,

“Ladies and gentlemen it’s been said that we don’t do enough of the old stuff for the standards. So, this next one is for all you original hipsters out there that’s right put your mittens around your kittens as we bring to you this holiday wish.”

The four lead singers have their personalities shine through their performance.

They are there to not just sing but put on a show for their audience.

They each have their own scarf to complete their uniforms but that is not enough for these four singers. They all break out their own shades to complete their look.

The four gentlemen might lead the performance but it is an ensemble event.

“White Christmas” is sung by the four men but an entire orchestra is behind them to complete the song.

The four singers harmonize well together and with the orchestra.

They all might be in the same United States Navy Band but the four singers all have unique voices that range very differently.

Two of the singers have solo moments throughout the song and each singer brings a unique sound and ambiance to the classic carol.

You might believe you have heard enough renditions of “White Christmas” to last you a lifetime but if you have not head The United States Navy Band’s fun and unique cover than you are missing out.

The singers are having fun belting out “White Christmas.”

They will bring a smile to your face as they have fun on stage.

They are not only talented singers but they are talented performers, which is an entirely different aspect than singing. One viewer commented,

“This video is so much fun!! Seems like it’s a blend of Crosby & the Drifters in Blues Bro’s style. Love it!!”

Since The United States Navy Band could not perform their Christmas shows this year, they have created 12 Days of Navy Music. Their official website states,

“This winter, we will be offering an assortment of new and old yuletide videos for the entire family to enjoy virtually, at any time, from the comfort of home.

This year’s lineup also includes an exciting 12 Days of Navy Music … This content will be released on YouTube and Facebook every other day, providing 12 glorious performances of some of the very best sounds of the season.”

Watch the brilliant performance of “White Christmas” in full right below!

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