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Miniature dwarf horse steals hearts “moonwalking” around stable

Many folks agree that there will never be another human being that can top the world pop sensation that was Michael Jackson.

But what about a fuzzy dwarf miniature pony that is a complete bundle of joy and energy?

And yes this little adorable horse does Michael Jackson’s signature dance step, the Moonwalk.

Meet Martha, the rescued miniature dwarf horse who is living with and overcoming a myriad of health issues.

But it’s nice to report that Martha is thriving now that she’s in a loving home.

You can tell she’s doing well because of all that spunky energy.

This cute little horse won’t stand still and loves to dance and strut.

First, we want you to know that Martha is in great hands.

But all the cuteness comes with a price, as dwarfism in horses is the disruption of the structural processes in bone and ligament development.

It comes with many complications including mobility, and if not kept under medical watch, it can become a life-threatening problem.

Dwarfs horses can also suffer secondary conditions, mostly because of their skeletal deformations, such as metabolic, digestive, or respiratory disorders.

But as we said, Martha is in good care and this video shows how good she feels.

Martha was rescued by the owners of R&R Ranch, after she was spotted being sold on craigslist.

She’s now in good hands and living her best life.

Her new beautiful home is a super plush and regularly mucked stables in Chesterfield, Missouri.

The R&R Ranch is dedicated to making life easy for miniature horses. So Martha is in the best hands.

The R&R Ranch stables were built in 2016 and they currently house 11 miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, and two full-size horses.

They are right in saying they are a haven for miniature horses.

At R&R they select certain horses to train as therapy animals.

Once they get certified these horses will visit nursing homes and bring sunshine to those in need.

The folks at R&R came across Martha as she was being sold on craigslist for someone’s Christmas present.

She was only 10 weeks old. R&R intervened and purchase her before anybody without the expertise was able to take her.

It was immediately clear that Martha had many health issues.

And she nearly passed after the seven hour drive back to Chesterfield.

When they got her to their vet she spent three days in critical condition.

Martha has Skeletal Atavism, known as the most damaging form of dwarfism.

Her biggest health issue is the severe deformities of her front legs.

Martha is watched over by a top-notch veterinarian and farrier who works with her regularly. They take good care of Martha at the R&R.

More good news, as Martha turns one year old, she is training to be a certified therapy horse.

Martha will soon be sending her good positive vibes to those in need.

In this video, Martha is having such a good day.

She’s got great mobility and really struts her stuff.

She shows off her good vibes and feelings with a romp around the stables and a few fun dance moves.

The woman running the camera is so taken by her jubilation that she can’t help but crack up in a joyful laugh.

And when Martha channels Michael Jackson’s signature dance, the Moonwalk, it’s enough for her to bust a gut laughing.

Martha’s joy is so contagious, it’s got her owner in stitches.

And it makes for such a fun video. Watching this rambunctious horse, especially after knowing her history and conditions, will bring a smile to your life.

If she can dance and prance after the struggle she’s been through it makes some of our troubles seem small.

I hope everyone who watches can have a good chuckle at this adorable horse’s antics.

Take a moment to spread Martha’s joy to those you think need that little pick me up today.

There’s so much darkness in the world, and Martha’s been through a lot, but she keeps on strutting and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Watch this adorable dwarf horse do the “moonwalk” below!

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