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Missing dog can’t stop staring at her dad after being reunited after 7 months apart

Stories of rescue and redemption are our favorite! We love to see loved ones reunite and come back together after something terrible has happened.

While this often happens in the human world, it also happens in the dog world as well!

Unfortunately, dogs often escape their houses and find themselves lost.

Despite the best technologies today, dogs sometimes get lost. It often isn’t even the fault of the owner!

Some freak occurrence happens, and the dogs find themselves miles from home with no way back.

When this happens, they often rely on strangers’ help to get back to their loving owners.

One incredible example of this happened in Texas a few years ago.

On July 4th, 2012, in Frisco, Texas, a family and their dog, Dora, were hanging out in their backyard.

The entire yard was fenced, and the family often let Dora out without worrying about her escaping or getting away. Something happened on July 4th, however, that we all understand.

What is July 4th known for?

Besides our nation’s independence, the 4th is the biggest day of fireworks that happens every year! Without fail, people set off TONS of fireworks into the air every year.

For humans, it’s a national holiday; for dogs, it’s the worst day of the year.

When the fireworks started going off, Dora panicked and took off.

Normally, the fence was a deterrent. This day, it was simply an easy obstacle to clear

In a flash, Dora was gone, and the family had no way to catch her. Within moments, their dog was gone, and they began searching daily.

After weeks, nothing turned up.

As the weeks went on, the likelihood of a housedog surviving grew slim.

There was zero sign of Dora, and the family knew it was bleak. Despite the apparent reality, they still never fully gave up. That hope paid off.

7 months later, a shelter in McKinney, Texas, was processing stray dogs when it scanned a microchip.

The chip showed that this stray dog already had an owner.

The phone call was made, and a man showed up to see the stray himself. Walking around the corner on a leash, it was Dora!

Almost a year later, Dora was home!

In an incredible turn of events, Dora was able to survive the entire time on her own!

When she finally saw her beloved dad, she looked pitiful!

It was almost like she felt guilty for being gone for so long.

After a few hugs and pats, however, all was right in the world

Dora soon was back to herself (and her home), and the miracle concluded.

The real lifesaver here was the chip that the family had implanted when they originally got their pup.

Without it, it’s unlikely they would have ever found their sweet girl again.

Check out the heartwarming video below!

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