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Mom And Baby Girl Walk Up To Goat. Their “Conversation” Went Viral Overnight

Kids see the world in a different way than we do! Everything is fun, pure and easy-going! So when one little goat decided to make a funny sound, this little lady opted to join it! The “conversation” that ensues is one for the ages – we hope her mom keeps this footage forever!

Goat specialist Dr. Daniel Waldron of Texas A&M told Slate that goats may make that noise, called “bleating” for several different reasons, “Mother goats call for their young when they get separated, young kid goats also call for their mothers.

Goats may also ‘yell’ when they expect to get fed. If I feed one pen of goats, the second pen may start ‘yelling’ because they want to be fed right now.” This little goat was probably bleating for his mother to rescue him from the humans or to say “hello” to his new friend!

The little girl is just learning to make noises herself and the sound of the goat speaking with her is just too exciting to pass up! It’s clear the two could go back and forth “talking” forever, and we hope they do! This little lady’s connection to goats is something we could all admire and laugh over. Listen to their conversation for yourself by clicking “play” on the video below!

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