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Mom And Dad Catch Huskies Arguing Like Human Siblings. And It’s Too Funny!

Whether you have siblings, have friends who have siblings or have merely observed the somewhat complicated relationship that siblings have – you know that, more often than not, they argue. It could be about small things such as who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning, or it could be something bigger like having to wear your brother or sister’s hand-me-downs. But even during all of the rivalry, fighting and fussing, a sibling will always be one of your best friends.

This is because having a sibling teaches you a number of valuable lessons. It gives you the opportunity to understand the importance of sharing, it allows you to have a friend all throughout your childhood and it gives you a sense of companionship when you are feeling down and out. And while many would admit to arguing considerably with their siblings while growing up, they’d also admit that their sibling was the first person they’d turn to in a time of crisis.

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