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Mom breaks down in food court after turning to find cop eating lunch with her 5-year-old son

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This little boy’s mother has taught him to be kind to others.

When she saw what he did in the food court, she realized that the lessons had stuck.

Oliver Navejar is just five-years-old, yet he could teach many adults a thing or two about treating others with respect.

The boy’s kindness seemingly knows no bounds. He always goes out of his way to ensure that other people are happy. The prime example of this happened right before Christmas.

He and his mom, Danielle, went to the mall to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. While they were there, they decided to stop at the food court.

Danielle went to the bathroom and told Oliver to stay there. But Oliver looked around and saw someone who looked lonely.

It was a policeman who was sitting alone. Oliver knows that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, but he also knows go to police officers if he gets lost from his parents.

Figuring the man was a police officer, Oliver decided to approach him.

Oliver told the policeman that he would like to sit, talk and eat with him, as he looked lonely.

“The policeman was sitting alone, and I wanted to be nice to him. So I went over to talk to him and see if I could eat with him” – Oliver.

Danielle came back into the food court and was stunned at what she saw. She knew that Oliver had a kind soul, but this really reaffirmed it for her.

The mother let Oliver have a friendly talk with the officer while they had lunch.

By the time that the cop, William Klees, had to go back on duty, the two had become firm friends.

Danielle told Oliver that she was very proud of him.

And the event really made a lasting impression upon Oliver.

All through the next week, Oliver would tell his whole family and neighborhood friends about his special lunch with the cop.

Oliver even said that the experience has made him want to become a cop when he grows up.

And Oliver’s kindness comes not just from his own big heart, but from his nurturing parents.

They have taught him to be kind and friendly to others in any way possible.

For instance, they often leave out a basket of snacks and drinks outside their door for delivery workers to take as they go about their workday.

Klees, the cop, also said that his lunch with Oliver was the highlight of his day, as his line of work doesn’t always allow him to have friendly conversations with others.

Danielle uploaded a picture of Oliver and Klees sharing their lunch together to Facebook.

The image soon became very popular on the platform.

In no time at all, it had gained thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and over 100 comments.

People have been saying things like this:

It just goes to show that everyone can learn from children.

They are so innocent and unjaded. That means that, unlike some of us, they are able to see people as people, instead of labeling them due to their profession.

This is something that adults should take to heart.

Thanks, Oliver, for teaching us to respect others!

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