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Mom Breaks The News He’s Going To Be A Big Brother. His Comeback Lights Up The Internet

“I hope you’re not joking,” five year-old Ethan remarks as he looks up smiling at his mom. Mom Sarah had been waiting to reveal her surprise to Ethan, but was waiting for the perfect time to do it.

After the first ultrasound appointment, she had handed him two sonogram pictures, anticipating his reaction upon becoming a big brother.

Sarah thought Ethan would be happy to hear the news, but she was not prepared to have millions on the internet thanking her for capturing this moment on camera.

Screenshot via YouTube

When you play the video and listen to Ethan, in his adorable British accent, you are going to agree! At first, Ethan’s reaction is so innocent and cute when he remarks, “It’s me!”

But after he hears his mom say that the photo doesn’t show him, but his new little brother or sister, Ethan’s reaction becomes so excited and inquisitive.

Then he can hardly contain himself when he shouts, “I’m going to be a new big brother!”

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s astonishing that at such a young age, he is so sensitive and respectful to his mom when she shares her exciting news with him. The way he shows his sheer happiness will totally melt your heart.

But Ethan himself can hardly believe if the news is true or not. Sarah really has to convince him that she’s telling him the truth, and that he will have to be patient for the baby to come months later.

Screenshot via YouTube

You are going to love this little boy’s joyful attitude and thoughtfulness. Months later, Ethan would become the most attentive big brother he could possibly be.

Sarah can hardly wait to see how Ethan will interact with his new baby brother or sister. What a blessing for this family!

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch Ethan’s heartwarming reaction in this adorable viral video mom captured!

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