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Mom hands out baggies on flight confusing passengers until they read note inside

I’ve never seen a mom or dad do this on an airplane, but it’s so sweet.

When you have your first child it’s a beautiful, life-changing blessing.

Yet, there are many challenges as well, and you have to figure out how to overcome those hurdles.

For one particular mother, bringing her infant son to San Francisco, California was a tough challenge because a baby is not exactly trained to stay quiet during a 10-hour long flight.

In fact, you really have no idea what to expect with a baby on board.

And so, the mom thought of something that might help her in avoiding conflict with annoyed passengers. It involved some stuffed baggies and a note.

The new momma was traveling from Seoul, South Korea and was on a flight to California together with her mother, and Junwoo, her son who was only four-months-old. They were planning to visit Junwoo’s aunt.

Fearing that people on the plane would get annoyed by little Junwoo if he were to fuss or cry on the flight, mom decided to ask for everyone’s consideration and patience in advance.

While on board the plane, the woman went from one passenger to another, while holding her baby boy, to hand out the baggies.

She gave each one of them a small goodie bag with a note that said:

“Hello, I’m Junwoo and I’m 4 months old. Today, I am going to the U.S. with my Mom and Grandmom to see my aunt.

I’m a little bit nervous and scary because it’s my first flight in my life, which means that I may cry or make too much noise.

I will try to go quietly, though I can’t make any promises.. Please excuse me.

So my mom prepared little goodie bag for you! It was some candies and earplugs.

Please use it when it’s too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

One passenger, Dave Corona, took notice of this gesture and posted his reaction on Facebook.

He also included a picture of the note and let everybody know that little Junwoo was actually a good boy and did not create a ruckus during the trip.

“On a Ten hour flight from Seoul, Korea to San Francisco, a mother handed out more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and ear plugs, in case her 4 month old child cried during the flight.

A very touching gesture by the mother but as you know when you have kids expect the unexpected. Not a peep out of the kid.”

Bless this mom, who is certainly busy with a newborn, yet still managed to selflessly make goodie bags for all the passengers on her flight.

People online had mixed reactions to the gesture.

There were some who found that the gesture was sweet but advised the new mom not to feel guilty for how her little one would act aboard the flight.

“Never ever a mother should be feeling guilty for having her children aboard!

It’s the drunk and bad smelling adults, who should be feeling sorry for being a trouble aboard!

This post is insane and people should understand – a baby is a baby, mothers please never feel guilty for a little baby,” one person commented.

“As sweet as her gesture is, it makes me hurt for us women…that society makes us feel that a crying child is a horrible thing.

And with a 4 month old, when one barely sleeps, is up day and night caring for said child and yet…makes the time to make goody bags.

What an amazingly beautiful human,” said another.

Other people related to how the new mom must have felt, stating that sometimes anxiety can be a big factor in why new mothers are quick to worry about these kinds of things.

The fear of being judged as a parent is a really scary thought.

But, all in all, the mother’s thoughtfulness was praised. Her kind consideration for other passengers was a very good reflection of her character.

“Thanks for sharing! It’s really touching and lovely,” said one comment.

“She is a really good mother and always respect another passengers on her flight,” said another person.

Life as a brand new parent is wonderful, but definitely not easy. We should all be understanding when we see a mom or dad struggling.

But, you’ve gotta admit, this was a very heartfelt gesture!

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