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Mom Has Dinner With Future Son-In-Law, Days Later Uncovers Old Photo That Sends Chills Down Her Spine

When Heidi and Ed Savitt got married this past summer, the young couple didn’t think that anything could shake up their rock-solid relationship. The couple, who are both 26, first met each other back in 2011 at Newcastle University in London.

Ed moved into a student house that Heidi had previously lived in, and they started dating after he sent her a text asking how to work the dryer. It was happily ever after for the next six years, or so it seemed. After meeting her future son-in-law at dinner, Heidi’s mother suspected that there was something more to Ed.

So, mom decided to dig into Ed’s past and that’s when she uncovered some old photos that sent chills down her spine. Mom’s unlikely discovery revealed that there was much more to his story than either of their families realized.

It was during a dinner party that Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, began to discuss her love of sailing holidays with Ed’s mom, Fiona Savitt. Fiona also loved to sail, so Kay mentioned in passing that Heidi had a cute “holiday boyfriend” named Ed when she was six. The two cuties played together and held hands during the entire two week break in Turkey!

It was certainly a strange coincidence, and Fiona even smashed her wine glass when she heard the boy’s name was Ed, but then the conversation moved on to more important topics.

However, there was something still nagging the back of Kay’s mind, and she couldn’t let it go. When she got home, she went up into the attic and dusted off some old holiday photos. What she found would shock both families to the core.

Heidi had no idea about the fateful meeting until her mother mentioned the ‘holiday romance’ she had with a boy named Ed. When her mother showed her holiday photos from Turkey that were dated 1997, her eyes went wide with surprise.

Standing next to her was six-year-old Ed, and his face was still recognizable even with his adorably unfashionable bowl haircut. Heidi told the Daily Mail:

“I was screaming, it was just unreal. It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”

Heidi never put much stock in fate until she saw the pictures, but she now believes she was clearly destined to be with her now-husband.

Kay sent the photo to Fiona, and soon after even more holiday snaps of the two little lovebirds were uncovered. According to Daily Mail, Fiona shrieked when she saw the pictures and exclaimed,

“Oh my goodness, that’s Ed!”

Kay thinks that when Heidi and Ed met years later at the University, there must have been a subconscious realization that they had met in a previous life as children. Their earlier connection is most likely what drew them together!

Heidi agrees, and said that from the moment she met Ed, they were inseparable and they knew they were going to be together forever. This couple certainly proves that fate has a unique way of bringing two people together – even 20 years later!

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