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Mom Sends Little Boy Out To Shovel. Within Moments He Makes Realization That’s Lighting Up The Internet

With winter in full swing, many of us are ready to throw our snow jackets in the closet, whip off our boots and don our latest bathing suit.

Unfortunately, there are still a few months until the warm weather is upon us and we can say “sayonara” to the snow!

Even though summer is far away, this little boy was fed up with playing inside and wanted to go romp in the great outdoors more than anything. He begged his mother until she finally caved.

Mom wrapped him up in a poofy coat and shoved him out the front door. However, just a few seconds into “playing” this little boy was ready to call it quits.

While many of us are sick of the chilly weather already, there is an actual condition that occurs in the depths of winter.

This condition is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it has some potentially serious complications.

Those who are diagnosed with SAD are more prone to experience anxiety and sadness, withdraw socially, and have trouble falling asleep.

Thankfully, this little boy isn’t suffering from SAD!

He just wanted to get out of the house and stretch his legs a little bit.

But it’s what happens after he’s outside that has the internet cracking up!

In fact, this poor little guy’s plight in the frigid outdoors has gone viral. The video Mom shot and shared has been seen more than one million times!

After Mom wrapped him up in warm clothing, he jumped out into the snow and played hardily for about 10 minutes.

But things took a dark turn when he realized playing in the snow wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

Mom watched in shock as her son looked up at the sky and begged Jesus for warmer weather!

Take a peek at this hilarious moment caught on camera for yourself in the video below!

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