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Mom Starts Humming To Twin Baby Girls And Their Dance Moves Have The Internet In Splits

There’s no denying that having kids in your life is a lot of hard work. From the moment they enter the world it’s feeding, bathing, diaper changing, snuggling, and sleepless nights.

As they get older, they may start to sleep through the night, but all kinds of new things to worry about pop up. And don’t even get me started about teenagers.

But, regardless of all the hard work, frustration, sleepless nights, and everything else that comes along with raising a human into adulthood, most parents will tell you that it’s the most rewarding thing they’ve ever done.

They may even tell you that it’s their greatest accomplishment and the one thing that defines their life. Instead of thinking of the work and exhaustion, a parent will gladly share with you all of the funny and touching stories they have from the years spent raising their little ones—those are the memories that last the longest.

Because of the internet, parents don’t have to keep all of those wonderful moments to themselves. Thanks to Facebook, Youtube, and a host of other social media sites, there are endless videos of babies doing adorable, hilarious, and adorably hilarious things.

You might think that there are too many of those videos out there, but truth be told, there can never be too many cute baby videos. One after another, they bring a smile to your face.

The twins in this video are an exception to the rule. They are adorable and guaranteed to make you smile. When Mom (off-screen in the video) begins to hum the tune to BBC’s “EastEnders,” these two little cuties have the BEST reactions.

From the dancing to the giggling, this duo brings serious happiness to the table, and their contagious delight is a joy to watch.

Watch the twins below! And don’t forget to like and share this video with anyone who could use a smile!

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