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Mom Walks In On Cat, Dog And Baby Cuddle Session

We all know that a pet, more significantly a dog, is a man’s best friend.

Humans and dogs usually understand one another best and they have this unbreakable bond.

I can’t deny that other pets will also feel incredibly attached to their human, and it’s only a matter of time that they develop the same type of loyalty as dogs have for their owners.

Although grown adults can express their love and companionship with their pets in words and with affection, kids can’t do the same.

But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a close friendship with their dogs/pet.

Many would agree that babies of all species are adorable. Put multiple together, and you’ve got yourself cuteness overload.

It’s sure a quick way to steal someone’s heart!

Many parents fear to allow their pets around their infants for the first time (or ever, that is, until they are grown).

This behavior is for a very good reason: because they worry animals may not always treat their young in a tender and loving way.

Some pets can be a little rambunctious; others can have random mean streaks. Then, some animals are trustworthy and great with kids.

The latter was true when one six-week-old, baby girl Ellarose, got the opportunity to get close (very close) to a couple of furry friends in a gone-viral video, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

In the video, sweet Ellarose was lying on a blanket on a leather couch along with an eight-month-old Labrador and a Ragdoll kitten. Already, we can’t take the cuteness!

Nelda the canine lay next to the baby with her arm across her as if to ensure she doesn’t roll off the couch.

On top of Nelda was Pebbles the kitten who graciously looked down at the baby on occasion to ensure she was safe.

At one point, the kitten jumps down from Nelda’s back, and Nelda looks over at her as she lands — to ensure she doesn’t attempt to harm the baby.

It’s incredible how some animals can provide concern for babies not of their own kind! In fact, it’s heartwarming to say the least.

Have you witnessed anything quite like Ellarose, Nelda, and Pebbles’ cuddling session?

Watch the video of the trio of babies below to receive an instant smile on your face!

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