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Mom’s not home. Then Dad turns on camera and records him and baby doing incredibly silly things

What to do when you’re a father and you’re home alone with your newborn son? Eric Bruce decided to keep themselves busy by occasionally creating Dubsmash videos. Dubsmash is a popular platform where people can choose a specific and famous sound overlay from a song or television show, and they effectively have to dub it afterward. It’s almost always guaranteed to deliver a funny result – especially when there’s a baby involved.

The thirty-year-old Eric has a regular dayjob but because his wife Priscilla does work the ocassional evening and weekend, Eric finds himself home alone with baby Jack once in a while.Jack’s parents are very protective, especially because the baby had to undergo surgery at the age of just three weeks. Priscilla was worried about Jack’s health whenever she went to work, but dad Eric wanted to cheer her up and let her knew everything was going well at the same time.

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