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Morgan Freeman Not Amused By Jimmy’s Request. His Response Leaves Entire Room In Stitches

While some people have a signature look or walk, Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman has a signature voice. You only need to hear a couple words to instantly recognize the actor, even if his face is off screen.

Thanks to his deep tone and powerful delivery of lines, he has remained one of the most in demand actors of his time. Knowing this, Jimmy Fallon decided to play a little game with the star, one that would put his famous voice to use in a whole new way.

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When he proposes the idea to Morgan, it is obvious that the actor is not amused. Jimmy is giddy with excitement though as he explains what is going to happen next.

While Jimmy gets the helium filled balloons ready, Morgan’s face says it all. His deadpan expression never wavers, making it even more fun to watch.

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By the time his balloon is in position, the audience is on the edge of their seats. Curious to hear his signature voice altered, the room falls silent with anticipation.

He only has to utter a couple of words for Jimmy to absolutely lose it. It is obvious that everyone is excited about this segment, with the exception of Morgan Freeman that is.

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Despite his consistently serious demeanor, it’s a joy to watch Morgan let loose. It’s also a hoot to hear his voice in its altered state.

The two men proceed to chat about Morgan’s scientific show Through the Wormhole. Their exchange is absolutely hilarious considering the helium’s effect.

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Through the Wormhole is hosted and narrated by Morgan and explores the deepest mysteries of existence. Scientific subjects are addressed, such as astrophysics, quantum mechanics and string theory, along with do aliens exist?

Watch the funny interaction in the video below, and get ready to hear Morgan like you’ve never heard him before!

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